stay away from hidden camera

Stay away from hidden camera Changing room of shopping mall

How To: Changing room of shopping mall or public restroom, stay away from hidden camera, this is the easy way

Avoid hidden cameras like this if you are using the bathroom in a mall or anywhere else, you need to be careful, because recently a veiled camera was found in the female bathroom of a restaurant in Maharashtra, objectionable videos of women Was fitted for recording.

stay away from hidden camera
Avoid hidden cameras like this if you are using the bathroom in a mall or anywhere

Let me tell you that in this incident a conceal camera was captured by the sensibility of a girl, but it will not be easy to do it everywhere. In such a situation, you must be thinking that you can control the smartphone’s app, but how will we identify the conceal camera, so let’s know about its method.

How to find
Veiled camera can be slightly larger or even equal to a button. In this case, you have to try a little to find it. However, to detect it, you do not need to carry a microphone or camera detector, but your mobile can do this job easily. For this, you have to download the veiled camera detector app in your phone. It is very easy to use. Let us know that there are many apps available on Android Playstore to find conceal camera, but you only install the most popular app.

This is the way to detect hidden camera
It starts its work in one click as soon as it is installed. When you install this app, it will ask for some access in the beginning, you have to proceed by OKing it. Once it is installed, the first option will be the Detect Camera by Radiation Meter. Apart from this, here detect infrared camera, Tips and tricks and paid apps are also given. The app will start its work as soon as you click the detect camera by radiation meter. During this time a round circle will appear on the phone screen. A straight colored line will appear below. On the strip of the line you will continue to get information about whether there is a camera or microphone nearby. As soon as you get a signal, move the phone to that side and scan the nearby things. As soon as it gets camera or microphone radiation, the straight line seen on the phone will start jig-jagging. While detecting the camera or microphone, this line will turn red and the alarm of the detect will start ringing.

The paid version of this app is even more amazing, the
feature is that this app also gives information about mobile, computer and CCTV cameras. Yes, if the radiation is high, the entire line will turn black and the bottom line will start moving above the screen. You can understand that there is something wrong here and you should not change clothes there. Apart from this, the infrared camera feature of this app also works well and in low light only tells that a conceal camera is hidden. Its paid version is also not very expensive, along with some new great features are also available.

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