Stock Investment: What is a stock? Knowledge of stock Investment

Stock Investment: What is a stock? Knowledge of stock Investment

Stock Investment: What is a “stock”? The basic knowledge of “stock investment” is explained in an easy-to-understand manner for stock beginners !
Introducing stocks, how to choose and buy “stocks”, and how to make money , as well as the meaning of dividends and special benefits for shareholders. Introduction to stocks starting from zero Basic knowledge of stocks.

Treasure of Stock Investment
Treasure of Stock Investment: What is a “stock”? The basic knowledge of “stock investment” is explained in an easy-to-understand manner for stock beginners !

I want to start a “stock” and become rich! But there are many stock beginners who hesitate to say, “Stock investment seems difficult…”? No, “stocks” are never difficult! As long as you have the basic knowledge of “shares” and “stock investments”, “stock investments” will be a strong ally to increase your assets! 

This is the first edition of “Introduction to Permanent Preservation Stocks”. This time, we will explain “What is stock investment” that many stock beginners know and don’t understand!

Buy stocks of companies whose performance is likely to grow from 3,500 listed companies and aim for “increased profits”!

 I’ll be rich! I recommend you to start investing in stocks.

 In the first place, “shares” are a way for a company to collect money for its business. If the company’s business is successful, a mechanism to distribute profits to those who own shares (= shareholders) ( Dividend).

 There are about lots of companies listed on the Indian stock market. Let’s choose some companies from these and buy stocks. If the company steadily grows its business and becomes popular, and the number of people who want to buy stock increases, the stock price will rise. If you sell stocks when the stock price has risen, you will make a difference from when you bought them (the profit you get is called “gain on the price increase” ).

To make money through stock investment, it is important to buy good stocks at a low price . I will explain in detail in this series about what kind of stock is a good stock, but to say it roughly, it means a stock of a company whose business is likely to grow. If you can buy it at a cheap price, your chances of making money will increase.

“Shareholder benefits” are gifts from the company to shareholders ?
Approximately 1,300 listed companies are currently implementing!

 Stock investment isn’t just about gains. Shareholder benefits are another pleasure. Shareholder special benefit is that if you are a shareholder on a specific day, you can get goods, cash vouchers, discount coupons, etc. from the company. It is popular as a return of profits to shareholders.

 Currently, about 1300 companies are offering shareholder benefits. About one-third of listed companies are doing this.

 Information on shareholder benefits can be found on information websites such as Yahoo! Finance, websites of securities companies, and blogs created by shareholder benefits fans. Just reviewing the usability and profitability of shareholder-priced products, and just watching them is fun. Particularly recommended for beginners of stock is the screening function that anyone can use for free if they open an account with an online securities company.

“Dividends” that can be obtained several times a year are also attractive for stock investment!

 Another attractive feature of stock investment is dividends .

 Dividends are the distribution of a portion of the profits of a company that earned business to shareholders. Companies that are still growing may not pay dividends to turn profits into new business investments, but companies that have stable performance can receive dividends.

 Look for stocks by paying attention to “High Dividend Stock” that receives a lot of dividends against stock price (= stock price) and “Consecutively Increased Shares” that have increased dividends over a long period of time. Let’s do it!

Some brands can invest from tens of thousands – Stock Investment

 If you want to start investing in stock, it is recommended that you start with a small amount rather than suddenly investing a lot of money. As you get used to it, you may want to increase your investment.

 Here are three questions that beginners want to know!

Q. What kind of stock can I make money?
A. Good stock, good future, and cheap stocks!

Q. Looking forward to shareholder benefits! What can I get?
A. You can get rice or get discounts on home appliances.

 Shareholder special treatment that became a major as it was featured on TV. Ingredients and gold vouchers are popular. There are rules for getting special shareholder benefits, which can be lost depending on the date you buy the stock or the stock price. Let’s research thoroughly!

I don’t know how to read the stock chart …
A. For the time being, if you know the candlestick and moving average,

 A stock chart is a graph that shows stock price movements. You may be confused when you are not used to it, but you can rest assured that it is not so difficult. You can see real-time tools that brokers offer to account holders!

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