Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai Replacing Alphabet CEO Larry Page, unexpectedly simple life

On December 3rd (local time), two founders of Google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, retired as CEO and president of the holding company Alphabet, and succeeded the current Google CEO Sundar Pichai He announced that he will serve concurrently. Mr. Page and Mr. Brin will continue to be involved as members of the Board of Directors.

Pichai just came to Japan on November 19th. When the startup support program “Google for Startups” was opened, we went to Shibuya Stream where Google ’s Japanese office is located. “We are passionate about helping Japanese entrepreneurs and their success. Because Google was also a startup a long time ago, ” he said.

Mr. Pichai, who joined Google in 2004 and became CEO in 2015, is a favorite of many employees and earned $ 199 million in 2016. . As Business Insider reported in the past, most of his compensation comes from stocks, not salaries.

The following is a repost of an article published in 2017, which gives a glimpse of Pichai’s daily life. Let ’s dig into the daily routine of Google and Pichai, who steers the Google holding company alphabet:

Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai

He runs one of the world’s leading internet companies, but reads news the old way. “I don’t believe you, but I read a paper newspaper every morning,” Recode tells Recode. Read the Wall Street Journal in paper and the New York Times will read the online version.

Eat omelets for breakfast while reading the newspaper. Sundar Pichai, from Chennai, India, still continues to drink a cup of tea. He calls it “typical British customs”.

He says that this morning habit will help him start his busy day. “I’m not a morning person, so I wake up with newspapers and tea and start the engine.”

The next thing to do is change clothes. Pichai likes casual but uniform clothing. BuzzFeed’s Matt Honan calls Pichai’s dress “Banana Republic Papa”.

This calmness is very popular in the company. According to a 2017 Glassdoor survey, 96% of respondents received a high rating, and he is one of the most respected CEOs.

Pichai is not a flashy leader. His gentle temper, empathy and thoughtfulness made him the CEO of Google.

Pichai is close friend with Google’s former CEO and co-founder Larry Page. He was known internally as Mr. Page’s “interpreter”. In 2014, a Google employee told Pichai, “If Larry is the leader Moses, he ’s like his brother Aaron.”

He is good at remembering numbers, and he was good at memorizing phone numbers when he was a child.

Mr. Pichai’s leadership style is prominent in the meeting. He listens quietly to the whole team and suggests ideas that everyone can convince after they have finished speaking.

Mr. Pichai sometimes has meetings while moving around. “It’s not uncommon to leave a meeting and come back with a solution to the agenda,” Inc reports.

Walking seems to help his thinking. “I like walking. When I do my thoughts, I start walking,” Pichai told Recode.

When not moving, Pichai works in an office that is “clean to the extreme”, Dieter Bohn wrote at The Verge.

Mr. Pichai is vegetarian. When you have time, make time for exercise in the afternoon.

And I love cricket. In high school, he was an excellent player.

At the end of the day, Pichai heads to his home in Los Altos Hills, where BuzzFeed describes it as “surprisingly simple”. A family of four with a wife and two children.

I also have a puppy named Jeffrey.

Pichai believes in not taking work home. He told Recode that he wouldn’t test Google prototypes at home.

In 2015, I vowed to go home every night to put my children to sleep.

Whatever the day, Pichai stresses the importance of orderly thinking. In January, he told a group of Indian students that they should have more time to relax and enjoy. “Since it’s a long road, there’s no problem with some detours,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

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