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Many of us are familiar with Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare. Although not familiar with it, some people are appreciative of the book. What’s in it? The ‘scientific’ proof of the existence of the soul! Damn it! Hand-pen or not? Didn’t know that But this book has many likes on Facebook.

So, I patiently finished the book. Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare covers everything – physics, biology, chemistry. I learned a lot from reading the book, and found what I call ‘mischief’. Before we go into the analysis of the book ‘Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare’, let’s talk a little about the spirit.The subject of spirit has come in different ways in different religions.

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Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare- স্বামী অভেদানন্দের মরণের পারে

There is a serious disagreement over this. Since prophetic philosophy is the driving force of every worship-religion, no religion has left the question of the soul. In real Buddhism, however, the existence of the soul has been virtually denied. According to the materialist idea, matter is the essence of life. We can understand the ‘mind’ as the brain is active in the action of the nerve.

On the contrary, the prophet philosophy says that a ‘spiritual’ supernatural power creates life. The soul is transmitted to matter by the soul, the body is a mortal being, the soul is the life force – this is the basic prophetic idea of ​​the soul. This concept is found in various forms in different religions and folk beliefs.

According to the Bible, God created the first man from the ground and breathed into him the spirit. Egypt, in the ancient Scriptures of Madeleine – worms, flies, bees, etc., were born from manure and dirt, The nymphs are born spontaneously from the mud (1).

Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare
স্বামী অভেদানন্দে

In Bhagavadgita, the purpose and purpose of propagation of the soul and reincarnation has been made. Buddhists and Lokayats did not believe in the existence of souls. Reincarnation has been propagated in the Bhagavad Gita in order to protect the realism from the preaching of Buddhist and Lokayata. In Vishnupurana, the cow myth has propagated reincarnation in different life forms, and in air mythology I see the same thing. In many cases karma is the key to these concepts. The existence of the soul must be propagated in such a way, unless it is that reincarnation, karma, heaven-hell, yoga – all goes in vain! (2) In cow myth, reincarnation has been promoted in different life forms, and in air mythology I see the same thing.

In many cases karma is the key to these concepts. The existence of the soul must be propagated in such a way, unless it is that reincarnation, karma, heaven-hell, yoga – all goes in vain! (2) In cow myth, reincarnation has been promoted in different life forms, and in air mythology I see the same thing.

In many cases karma is the key to these concepts. The existence of the soul must be propagated in such a way, unless it is that reincarnation, karma, heaven-hell, yoga – all goes in vain! (2)A widely publicized saying of “Srivagban” (1),“Basanasi jiranani, namely Biha, is ayoung housewife, Narohaparani.That is, Shrirani Viharana Jirna -Nanyani Sanjay Navani Dehi. ”That is, as people leave new clothes and wear new clothes, the spirit also leaves the worn out body and takes on a new body. This is a classic as a tool for forgetting the Shudras.In Buddhism, the soul is the religion of the body. In fact, Buddha was a preacher of ‘atheism’.

Although Buddha’s views are not exactly materialistic, his statement in this regard is contrary to Brahminism. The Buddha says (1),”The one who feels the feeling of my soul, the thing of feeling and the result of good deeds here and there, will be my constant = constant = eternal and everlasting. Monks! These are just the thoughts of teenagers. “In another place, the Buddha says (1 and 3),”All forms of religion, including all forms of religion, are evil.””The soul is not an invincible object, but rather a force generated by the skanda (object, mind), which is emitting and dissipating momentarily like any other external substance.

The influence of faith can be seen in the existence of God and Spirit in the fiction of spontaneous creatures. It is understood that the intense desire to live after death gives rise to a spirit of self-pity. Among the prophet philosophers, in the fourth century AD, Bishop St. Basil and at about the same time St. Augustine preached the doctrine of “life-giving by spirit-driven spirit.” Prior to Christ’s birth, the Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle both acknowledged the existence of souls. In the post-Christ era, the neo-Platonist philosopher Platinas strongly preached the existence of the Spirit (1).

Again, the medieval cleric Thomas Aquinas also acknowledged the existence of souls. According to progressive psychologist Bertrand Russell, “individualism has reached the extremes of the idea of ​​the immortality of the individual and soul, Depending on what happened, one experiences eternal happiness or eternal misery. ” André Vesalias, a Christian scientist of the sixteenth century, did an adventurous work in the study of life, despite the tremendous influence of religion. The corpse was forbidden by the Roman Church at that time.

Showing the old finger to this discipline, Vesalius lifted the body from the grave in the darkness of the night and examined it. Dissected the body and searched for the body parts. Materialistic inquiry paves the way for the idea of ​​the soul to be destroyed. On this path, the contemporary philosopher Lucilio Vannini fell to the corner of the Church. He was burned to death on the orders of the Inquisition (3).

This is the talk of Europe. In India itself, one such incident took place in the 5th. No one had the courage to dissolve so-called Hinduism. Whatever the science, Because of fanaticism, the matter was regarded as profane. Meanwhile, the body of the physician is urgent for education in medical colleges. A brave and progressive ‘caste Hindu’ did the work without regard for religion. David Heyer was worried – whether a young man could do such a thing without the influence of religious discipline!

The protagonist of this progressive event, contemporary to the Great Revolt, is Madhusudan Gupta, who was a professor of Ayurveda at Sanskrit College (1).To date, many experts believe that the oldest source of self-concern is the Neanderthals. Both Neanderthal people and modern humans originate from Homo erectus. However, the Neanderthals probably reached an alley that had stopped the pace of evolution, and lost in natural selection or disappeared into modern humans.

Note that the gene ‘FOX P2’ was in their cells. The brain volume was about 3 cubic centimeters. So their social behavior was quite good. They were buried in the ground. Parts of some medicinal plants were found in a cave near Shanidar cave. There was a bison bone. These things may also come to the grave for natural reasons, and may also be intended to pay homage to the dead.

Some think, those things are for the soul. But this is not the case at all. Bhavani Prasad Sahu says in his book Ghost Bhagwan vs. Dr. Kovur, “In ancient times (about six years ago, the Neanderthals), people have imagined this soul to be the cause of life without proper explanation for a strange phenomenon such as animal life.

Need to remember – this is a guess. This is the reason for the emergence of ‘Atma Kinta’, but the matter of Nyanadarathals’ self-concern is not yet established.Swami Vivekananda, while explaining the concept of Advaita, raised the context of the soul. Again, ‘popular science’ writer Prashant Pramanik propagates the ‘Kirillian effect’ as proof of the soul. There has been a lot of discussion on the spirit before, but those articles by freelance writers can be found in a few hours. So my purpose is to discuss only a few key ideas about spirit, which have been said in ‘death.’

Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare is widely publicized, read and appreciated. The ‘Like’ flags on the pages of this book on Facebook are astonishing. A collection of books that can ‘die’ can be called a “logic” of believers. So, I reviewed the main claims of this book. It is important to note that many people think that the book contains ‘scientific discussions’.Let’s see what Abedananda has ‘argued’.”The answer to the cause of the creation of the soul, that is, the origin of the soul from the body, is the answer to such an answer.

Answering the question, the flow of distant questions continues to keep the car in front of the horse. ” (১০)Nah! I do not believe in the existence of souls as materialists. But, from this part, I can understand that Swami Abedananda meant that the soul does not originate from the body. But then one question comes naturally – how is the population growing? If the soul is not made from the body, is the soul born again?

Not even that! Because, as Abhidananda also points out the Vedanta’s view,According to Vedanta, the soul is not born, the soul is eternal immortal, it can take the body as it wishes. (3)In every part of the book, In Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare tries to establish the Vedanta’s opinion. He did not go to the trouble of explaining how the population growth could be explained by this ‘spirit theory’. Another fatal flaw in the book ‘Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare’ is that the book misinterprets various types of mental illusion. Those misinterpretations are, of course, an example of the existence of souls. The book is on the 12th page,”Many fanatical atheists and materialists have sometimes witnessed their second entity resting in the cavernous or comfortable Kedar in a secluded room.

It has also been observed that these second entities have been found to speak, move, and do other things. But how can these things be understood? The emergence of the second entity of yogis in India is heard. Some have called it an outlook. But after looking at it, it cannot be said that they do not exist. ”(12)Even if we do not know Swami Abedananda, today we know that illusion is not only sight, but other feelings. Since there is no evidence on the matter of witnessing the second entity, I can honestly say that those witnesses were visual-auditory hallucinations. Sounds like it is real, but it is real, difficult to pinpoint the miraculous.

hallucination is the direct feeling of something missing (various feelings, such as vision, hearing, smell, etc.). In some cases, it can be heard if a person has too much faith or subconsciously dominates the matter, but in reality it does not exist. It is mainly to emphasize a particular subject (especially the supernatural or seemingly miraculous) (sometimes accompanied by certain physical and mental problems, Not in all cases). In the case of peduncular hallucinosis, a completely naive person can be seen and talked to.

Whoever is doing this, he cannot distinguish between real and evil, he seems to be doing it perfectly, just like any other event. This feeling lasts a while, so it becomes difficult to understand the whole thing. Regardless of how materialistic it is, it is not uncommon for hallucinations to occur in the courtesy of the subconscious mind.For example, suppose you are going to pick up papers by midnight writing. Feeling lonely, thinking that it would have been nice if your friend was there at that moment.

At that time you saw your friend standing by.Such is the case with hallucinations. Now look at the ‘miracle’ example of Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare.”Suppose someone is sitting in the room at night locking the door; He is concerned about mathematics in a useful subject. If he sees a man like him sitting on a chair and writing something on the table, and if he has a solution to the problem, then what should he say? Can this be called delusion? ”(3)I do not know if I can be called delusional, emotional delusion must be called. A’Genesis is not miraculous, nor unusual. Such hallucinations can occur even when you are not thinking about your own existence or complex tasks.

Then ‘Occam’s Razor’. Abedananda says,”There are also authentic instances where some people have appeared to a friend immediately after death.”This is possible through hallucinations. Abedananda is used as a reference by Carrington and Miedor made ‘Death, Its Causes & Phenomena’. This book contains (1),”From the accounts we have read it is evident that the departing spirit sometimes retains full possession of its faculties, though it is probable that this only happens on occasion, and that, in a large number of cases, probably the majority, the shock and The death of Avrench produces a sort of temporary suspension of consciousness, just as a shock or accident would in this world.

Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare
Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare- স্বামী অভেদানন্দের মরণের পারে

“Then there was a brief account of various witnesses.”When the English Society for Psychical Research began its pioneering work, in 1882, it had no idea that such a preponderance of coincidences would be found, all merging toward the moment of death; But the investigators soon found that such manifestations far outweighed all others in number and in character; And, within the first five years of the Society’s work (except in all cases printed in the Proceedings and Journal of the Society), it was able to publish two bulky volumes, bearing on this question of death coincidences, entitled Phantasms of the Living. General Chat Chat Lounge In these volumes were printed some 702 coincidental cases — in which an apparition of the dying person was seen by others at a distance, or some other sensory, motor, or emotional effect was noticed – the coincidental with the subject whose death figure was was seen.

This book draws on a comparison – a description of the ‘UFO’. Thousands of ‘research’ books on UFOs have been published around the world. The books are based on eyewitness accounts. There are references to all other books as proof and some misinterpretation of government documents. Despite thousands of attempts, no one can find out, whether anyone has seen them. Over the last few decades, most of the UFOs are either Lenticular Cloud or another planet, or ‘Weather Balloon’.

It is his responsibility to prove these so-called ‘proofs’, which are presenting these facts. In this regard, many said, “For everyone, empty hallucinations will not happen. Can you prove that those witnesses did not really see the Spirit? “In reply, I saw ramrod raid on a hillside one day. Returning alone, there was no one in the field. Suddenly I see two ramrods playing on the sidewalk. I saw the basic and was cut off. Can anyone prove that I did not see Ramgrud that day? Now no one can see in the field, but that day was not – can anyone prove that? There is really no way to prove this. It is the claimant’s responsibility to prove the acceptance of the claim.

David Kusche once said, “Say I claim that a parrot has kidnapped to teach aliens human language and I challenge you to prove that is not true. You can even use Einstein’s Theory of Relativity if you like. There is simply no way to prove such a claim is untrue. The burden of proof should be on the people who make these statements, to show where they got their information from, to see if their conclusions and interpretations are valid, and if they have anything left out.

” No one has yet been able to argue the contention. We have to decide whether or not to believe anything without logic.Nowadays, members of rational organizations make people aware of many apparent miracles. Similarly, Abedananda has used an apparent miracle to propagate the existence of the Divine Spirit.“Some people can stop the heartbeat by force. I was introduced to a Hindu doctor in America, when he stopped heart palpitations by willpower, doctors examined him and his lungs didn’t really function. The doctors used to be shocked and asked various questions to the Hindu activist about how this could be possible. In fact, it is possible because the heart is obedient to human desires, the human being can control the functions of his or her senses according to his wishes. However, modern astrology cannot answer any of these – how can that be.

(১৬)First of all, ‘heart rate’ can be ‘stopped’ at will (if it is actually called ‘stop’). But it does not require anything that science cannot explain. Whether or not Abhayendananda wishes to acknowledge the success of science (it may be that, in his time there was no special study of interpretation), science can very clearly explain this phenomenon. First the lungs are ventilated as much as possible and the air is held up by pressure on the chest and abdomen. This creates an ‘air cushion’.

In this case, doctors will not get a heart rate with a stethoscope. This excellent explanation is explained by Basav Premanand, the pioneer of the rationalist movement (note in the book Science vs. Miracles). This explanation has come in the way of science.Then, with great emphasis, Abedananda says,How can the power of the mind be denied when death comes from fear, grief, etc.? If the effects of various conditions on the body can happen to the body, what is it that makes the mind to recognize the most powerful object? As it turns out, liberal and discerning scientists consider the body to be the most astonishing force in the mind, and they are not like orthodox materialists. ”(3)At this point, I will not argue with the ‘profoundly materialistic’.

Rather, we say that materialists think of the brain as the creator of the mind. They think that the mind is the result of nervous action. Many aspects of the mind depend on the gray matter of the brain. By developing a nervous system, the mind can develop. When the action of the nervous system ceases, the functioning of the brain eventually dissipates. Let me set an example to show that the brain is the director of the mind. The example is historically true and without reference to examples of abstinence.On Sept. 7, Phineas was working as a gangman on a gauge railway track. During an explosion an iron rod pierced his skull. That is, the rod enters through the head and exits at the bottom of the jaw (Boston Post, September 21, 1848). He was treated in this condition. Surprisingly he survived (Harlow, 1848).

However, some changes in his brain were affected as parts of the brain were damaged. There is a lot of controversy over the extent of this change, because his brain’s ‘right frontal lobe’ was intact. However, the brain-directed features of the mind, which can be said to be proven in this case.Can the soul be photographed? Or, its weight is known? Yes, it does. I mean, Abedananda has said so.”But when the conscious soul of a man leaves his body after death, photographs or photographs of his fine body can be taken. A very fine type of device has also been discovered – for weighing the fine body immediately after death.

At the time of death, a type of vapor is emitted from the body, and it has been found to be the size of a fine machine discovered, weighing about half an ounce or one-third of an ounce. ”(3)Half-truths, or, to say, the interpretation is wrong. If you find out, the information is wrong. A doctor in Massachusetts, Duncan McDougall, 1, did a strange experiment. He weighed 5 TB-infected young people in an old age, just before and after their death. He found that after death, everyone weighed 25 grams (three quarters of an ounce).

The same test was done in some other organisms. Last time, McDougall did the same test on the dog’s body. Weight has not changed in this case. McDougall decided, the dog has no soul. He presented his test report in the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research and American Medicine in the 5th.Sadly, the idea of ​​science fiction is not reliable because of his test method and this has not been proved in the future. This experiment had no scientific basis. At least those doctors could not show any scientific basis or evidence.

Therefore, the results of this test were rejected long ago. Interestingly, Duncan himself states in an article published in the American Medicine Journal (1),”I am aware that a large number of experiments will require to be made before the matter can be proved beyond any possibility of error, but if further and sufficient experimentation proves that there is a loss of substance occurring at death and not accounted for by known. The loss of channels, the establishment of such a truth cannot fail to be of utmost importance.

“Barbara and David Mickelson wrote, “MacDougall’s results were flawed because the methodology used to harvest them was suspect, the sample size is far too small, and the ability to measure changes in weight imprecise. For this reason, credibility should not be given to the idea that his experiments proved something, let alone that he measured the weight of the soul as 21 grams. His postulations on this topic are a curiosity, but nothing more. ”The whole thing is just marijuana. So today, nobody says anything special about it. Period of ‘Dying Pare’ is 3 Bangs. So it is not unusual to mention this incident in this book. However, this is a matter of ‘public eating’, based on the story, there is a picture of ’21 Grams’.

Abedananda saw the soul? What is he saying?”At the time of death, a kind of fine-evaporative substance emitted from the body is astronomical. Photographs or photographs of the astronomical material were taken, and astronomers also saw the body burst into flames at death. Then the whole body is covered with a dividing mist. I remember the incident of a girl – her brother died a few years ago in Los Angeles. Of course I heard that from his mother. When the brother is dying, the girl sits in his barn.

He turned to his mother: ‘Mother, mother, look – what a foggy thing around the brother’s body! What is that? ‘ But his mother could not see anything. The girl said: ‘The steam came out of her body.’ Scientists have accepted this as the object of research in Europe. They named the object ‘ectoplasm’ or ‘fine-exterior’. It is a steamy object and has no definite shape. It looks like a small cloud, but any statue can take shape, and so it can be photographed. But they cannot say what it really is, but they cannot deny its existence. “No, the object that scientists call ectoplasm is a completely different object. In science, the term ‘ectoplasm’ is the non-granulated part of the cytoplasm of the organism, not the vapor vapor.

And it is not a scientific decision to name the ectoplasm of the (imaginary) object that Abedananda claims to have existed. Charles French Richet, a French scientist named Glossary of Key Words Frequently Used in Parapsychology, Parapsychological Association. In the case of the girl mentioned, hallucinations have definitely happened. At the peak of stress, This type of hallucination is very common, especially during the death of a loved one and is not a mental disorder. In mythology, saints often suffered hallucinations as a result of the worship of Somers, and could see ‘fine bodies’. It is, of course, through some drugs.

These drugs are called ‘hallucinogens’. The adverse consequences of this drug can be seen by eating or injecting it into the body. There are people who view the subtle body in a book or hear it from somewhere, and call it their own experience. Suppose my friend said, his father saw someone’s fine body in his own eyes. In that case, if it is not deluded by hallucinations or anything else, then it is certainly false. But that’s the problem! The friend will get angry, “What does that mean?

Do you want to tell my father a lie? ” Sometimes that mother, uncle, uncle, Boy. Even educated friends often forget that every liar is someone else’s son or mother or uncle or relative. Now the reader will have to decide what he believes – in an unproven story (no matter how big he says “Avatar”), or on the proven scientific idea of ​​hallucinations!Before looking at whether ectoplasm existed, I read two more words from the ‘Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare’.

The ectoplasm is absorbed more than the medium on which the embryos embody idols. I saw this kind of ectoplasm emit in the meeting itself. ”(20)It sounds ridiculous to this day, but many people who believe in it, find that I like watching ‘Like’ on Facebook.

Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare has said that he wants to see ectoplasm. In the end it has been proven that this ‘ectoplasm’ is, in most cases, a crafty medium. The ectoplasm was made by mixing potato starch with various products or by whitening the egg, water, a little butter, cloth, etc. The medium swallowed it partially, then repeated it.

In 5 Harry Price proved that Medium Helen Duncan was making ‘ectoplasm’ with cheesecloth (like gauze paper, cotton cloth) to deceive people. In the book Phantasmagoria, Marina Werner explains this very clearly (22), “Dissident sitters who wanted to expose the mediums as frauds would attend a séance and then snatch at the ectoplasmic phantoms and bear them away in triumph:In many cases, fooling around with ‘butter muslin’ and ‘ectoplasm’ is going on.

By making the cut-out of the picture of the human being, the task of creating the ectoplasm of ‘Bidhi-Atma’ was simultaneously caught. After World War II, gradually the ‘ectoplasm’ came to the fore, and the scandal disappeared. Abhidananda’s explanation also proves wrong. Philosopher C. Broad’s explanation (25), “Physical mediumship in general, and which is concerned with ostensible materialization in particular, reeks with and stinks of fraud.

Some ‘ectoplasm’ is known to have been butter-musUn; Much more than it may be most reasonably suspected of being composed of or some other similarly homely material; And I know of no case where the evidence is good enough to build upon.

“The next thing is the most ridiculous (if the previous claims are even somewhat important). This is a strange claim made by Abedananda,”If we examine any part of our body with x-ray or dyeing, we will see that the arm or part of the body is filled with foggy material, as if they were hanging around the bone. So the body we call matter is not material, it is a substance like cloud or mist.

(23)On hearing such a demand, Ramgroor’s chicks do not seem to be left smiling. The fog that we see in the X-ray image is actually for the muscles, skin and other components of our body. When an x-ray enters our body, it can pierce the bone but it cannot penetrate the bone. The density of the muscle and other elements are different, some of them cannot penetrate X-rays. In those parts the picture is captured in a blurry, looking like fog.

Even if the proponents of Abhidananda’s opinion do not acknowledge this, it is a proven fact today, civilization does not matter – because children know this truth today.What is Abedananda’s statement on modern evolutionism?”Reincarnation is founded on evolutionary and is dependent on the rules of action or reason of action.”What does ‘evolutionism’ mean? Don’t know My advice to the writers and writers of Muktamana – Leave evolution and write about reincarnation. This is also ‘science’!

However, this national theory is not uncommon in Abedananda’s book. Evidence of hallucinations is also found in Abedananda’s book. In the ‘Self-Slate-Writing’ chapter, Abhayendananda writes that he feels electric vibration in his hand.In fact, the pair of spirit-national superstitions are in charge of tightening the hands of the ruling class while binding the human race in the spirit of prophecy. If the struggles of exploited people have to be suppressed, then they have to make up their minds like ‘unseen’, ‘fate’, ‘soul’, ‘beyond’.

And if the knot is in the twist of science, then there is no point! What a marvel that even the ‘Marxist’ leaders, dressed in ‘tag-paiti-ring’, will join in! Today, under the influence of rationalist movements around the world, one is opening the mask of propaganda, its ugly form of publicity. Science’s conflict with science will continue, but the ‘propaganda’ of the weapon of exploitation will gradually disappear. But, do you know what is more fun than that?The first page of the book ‘Swami Abhedanandas Moroner Pare’ is written – ” Pare”(scientific discussion)”!


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