21 benefits of neem will surprise you ans some disadvantage of neem

21 benefits of neem

21 benefits of neem: If you have neem tree in front of your house then you are really very lucky. Apart from giving cool air in summer, it is a tree whose every part is effective in curing some or other disease.

If you have neem tree in front of your house then you are really very lucky. Apart from giving cool air in summer, it is a tree whose every part is effective in curing some or other disease. Not only this, neem is also used prominently in the manufacture of various types of cosmetics.

benefits of neem:

Let us now have a detailed discussion about the benefits of Neem:

1. as contraceptive – 21 benefits of neem

Medicines prepared by neem are used as contraceptives.

One study used neem on mice. They were given neem oil and it was found that the rats became sterile for some time.

Thus neem oil can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy.

Neem tree
21 benefits of neem will surprise you ans some disadvantage of neem

Neem oil blocks the process of spermatogenesis found in men. Thus testosterone is not produced and relief from unwanted pregnancy is achieved.

2. For the mouth and teeth

Mouthwash made from neem extracts inhibits the growth of ‘Streptococcus mutants’. These are a type of bacteria that cause problems in the mouth and teeth.

Neem oil is also used in toothpaste as it is capable of fighting against bacteria and other harmful germs.

Chewing neem bark provides relief from the stench of the mouth.

Apart from this, Neem bark also relieves the pain in teeth and the problem of insects in them.

3. Antibacterial Properties – 21 benefits of neem

Neem is capable of fighting many types of bacteria.

A study has shown that neem leaves have antifungal and antiviral properties. Thus they protect the body from any infection or fungal infection.

If there is any type of infection in the skin, then applying neem leaves to get rid of this problem.

4. In the prevention of diabetes

Neem is naturally bitter and astringent.

A study has revealed that neem has hypoglycemic properties. They reduce the chances of diabetes by reducing the sugar particles found in the blood.

In addition, neem has the potential to reduce the stress caused by diabetes.

One study looked at the antidiabetic effects of neem which are helpful in the prevention and treatment of diabetes.

5. In the treatment of asthma

Neem oil miraculously helps in the treatment of asthma.

If you are suffering from phlegm, fever and cough then taking few drops of neem oil daily provides relief.

One thing must be kept in mind that drops of neem oil should not be taken in large quantities but instead should be increased gradually.

6. Against Cancer

Neem leaves are used to prevent cancer.

It also reduce the chances of prostate cancer. Neem leaves have the ability to act against cancer-causing cells.

The elements found in neem are called medical agents. These prevent check points from deteriorating during cell division.

In this way, the cells are not able to uncontrollably budge and the body survives cancer.

7. Blood purification – 21 benefits of neem

The elements present in neem also act to purify the blood.

Neem oil controls the level of sugar found in the blood. It kills the unnecessary sugar particles found in the blood and thus purifies the blood.

Mix two to three neem leaves and some amount of honey in a glass of water. Take this mixture empty stomach daily in the morning. This improves disturbance of hormone levels.

8. Get rid of eye problems

Neem provides relief from many types of problems occurring in the eyes.

Although research has not confirmed whether neem has an effect on eyesight, neem leaves provide relief from eye irritation and other problems.

Boil a few rows of neem in water and cool it down. Now wash eyes thoroughly with this water.

By doing this, you get relief from irritation and redness in the eyes.

9. In the treatment of leprosy

Neem is used in the treatment of leprosy.

A study in Egypt has revealed that the use of neem benefits leprosy. The study also showed that neem is matagenic which does not cause any change in DNA.

Although neem seed is beneficial, it is important to consult a doctor before consuming it.

Excessive consumption of neem seeds indicates toxic effects, so it should not be consumed directly.

10. Used in aromatherapy – 21 benefits of neem

Neem flower is used in aromatherapy.

The oil extracted from neem flower balances the hormone levels in the body. In this way, this oil keeps the body calm.

The oil extracted from neem flower is used in many types of creams. These creams are used in massage.

11. In the treatment of joint pain

Neem leaves and flowers provide relief in joint pain. Neem has inflammatory properties that are helpful in suppressing pain.

Boil neem leaves and flowers in a glass of water. Drain and cool it. Drink this water 2 times a month. It provides relief in arthritis.

Massaging with neem oil provides relief from joint pain. In addition, neem oil also strengthens the muscles.

21 benefits of neem
Neem balances the levels of sugar found in the blood

12. Controlling cholesterol

Neem balances the levels of sugar found in the blood and lowers blood concentrations. In this way, the amount of cholesterol in the blood remains controlled and the blood does not freeze in the arteries.

One study found that only 100 mg of neem miraculously lowered cholesterol levels.

13. In the treatment of ulcers

Neem has a great contribution in the treatment of ulcers.

Neem bark provides relief in ulceration and gastric acidity.

In one study, it has been found that neem bark is effective in reducing ulceration and gastric acidity in stressed rats.

14. Reduce Acne – 21 benefits of neem

Water filled with extracts of neem leaves is beneficial for pimples.

Boil 20 leaves of neem in one to one and a half liters of water. Boil the water until the water starts to turn a bit green.

Cool the mixture and store it in a bottle. Every night before sleeping, immerse a cotton swab in this water and clean the face from it.

It helps in opening the pores of the facial skin, so that the dirt of the skin comes out.

Similarly, neem powder can also be used for skin. This powder is mixed with water and cleans the skin.

15. In the treatment of Malaria

Neem leaves exhibit antiviral properties.

It is capable of fighting the malaria virus. A study has revealed that neem extract is capable of fighting the malaria virus ‘Plasmodium yvax’. Thus it prevents malaria.

Apart from this, neem tea has been used in the treatment of malaria for centuries which is really effective.

16. Diagnosing digestive problems

Neem is used to diagnose digestive problems.

Both neem powder or oil are used to strengthen digestion.

Extracts of neem leaves give relief from acidity. It balances the level of acid in the stomach and relieves gas and constipation.

17. Get rid of blackheads – 21 benefits of neem

Everybody likes stained and dry skin, but due to sun and dust, there are blackheads on the skin. In such a situation, neem oil can help you.

Put 2 to 3 drops of neem oil in water and apply it in blackheads. It makes the skin free from stains.

18. Relieving Skin Infection

Neem not only eliminates stains or pimples from the skin, but it also gives relief from any type of infection occurring in the skin.

Add neem oil to the water and mix the two together. Add 100 milligrams of this mixture to your bath water and take bath. It relieves allergies and infections.

19. Relief of dark circles under the eyes

Lack of sleep, excess of work and excessive fatigue causes dark circles under the eyes.

Neem promises to get rid of this problem completely.

Add neem powder to the water. Apply it on the dark circles under the eyes. Wash it with normal water after leaving it for ten minutes. It is a very effective medicine.

20. Relief from baldness

Fast falling hair gives rise to baldness. Baldness is due to lack of proper nutrition and side effects of chemical medicines.

Neem can help you a lot if you also have this problem, but a doctor’s consultation is necessary before implementing any kind of treatment. Show your problem to the doctor first and then use Neem medicine only on his suggestion.

Both hair masks and neem water made from neem give relief from baldness. They also promote hair growth.

21. for happy hair

Just as neem gives moisture to dry skin, it also solves the problem of dry hair.

Mix water and honey together. Add neem leaves to it and boil all three well. Leave it on your hair for a while and then wash it off with shampoo. This frees up freezing hair and keeps hair moist.

Other benefits – 21 benefits of neem

If you have burnt your hand while cooking or for any other reason, then grind neem leaves on that place immediately. The antiseptic property present in it does not allow the wound to grow much.

21 benefits of neem
Causes of auto-immune diseases

If you have pain in ear, using neem oil will be very beneficial. Neem oil is also an effective remedy for many people due to the disease of running ears.

For applying on boils and other wounds,
it happens many times that due to lack of clear blood, boils occur from time to time. In such a situation, grinding neem leaf on the affected area will be beneficial. Also, there are no pimples on cleansing the face with its water.

In this way we can know the benefits of neem.

Let us now talk about how Neem can be obtained?

Getting neem – 21 benefits of neem

Neem has many benefits. If you also want to benefit from Neem then search for Neem tree near you.

Then If you find a neem tree, then you can get bark, leaves and fruits from there. If there is no neem tree near you, you can buy neem-rich products from the market.

You can buy neem oil and mouthwash from online market.

Neem tablets have similar benefits, so you can buy them as well. It is beneficial for the skin, but consult a doctor before using them.

Along with the benefits of neem, it can have some disadvantages as well.

Harm of neem

1. Causes of auto-immune diseases

If you have any auto-immune disease then you should avoid using neem.

Neem makes the immune system highly active and causes many auto-immune diseases such as sclerosis.

We should avoid the use of neem in such situation and the doctor’s advice should be preferred.

2. Harmful to infants

Consuming neem orally severely harms infants.

Due to the side effects of neem, infants develop vomiting, diarrhea, coma and neurological problems.

Sometimes infants also die, so it is necessary to protect infants from the consumption of neem.

3. Pregnant women harm

Neem is prone to miscarriage, so pregnant women should avoid consumption of neem.

It also harms breastfeeding women, so they should also stay away from neem.

4. Other Side Effects

Neem can cause infertility problems in both men and women.

Before surgery, operation and organ transplant, doctors recommend staying away from neem for at least two weeks.

In this article we learned about the advantages and disadvantages of neem .

We would advise you to use neem only after consulting a doctor.

If you have any question, then you can ask us through comment.

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