The Entire Bee Movie Script- A exciting & delightful movie

bee movie script full

Bee Movie. It is a 3D film, directed by Simon J. Smith and Steve Hickner, released in 2007 , it is about the life of a bee recently graduated from college. Its translation into Spanish is “The story of a bee”.

Summary of Bee Movie Script

Bee is a recent college graduate who really wants to take over the world. But the poor man will be very sad to discover that the future that awaits him is the Honex honey factory. But the first time it leaves the hive it breaks one of the most important laws of bees: You cannot talk to humans. And Bee does. Although talking to the human, he discovers that men have been stealing honey from bees for many, many years. Outraged by this situation, Bee decides that he has to do something to end this unfair situation and decides to do something that no bees have ever done either: denounce the human race for stealing honey.

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