Big mess in Google, personal videos of users reached unknown people

Big mess in Google

Big mess in Google: Due to a big flaw in Google’s photo app, personal videos of users have reached unknown people through email. Google has apologized to users giving this information. This bug has caused the most damage to users who used Google’s takeout service to export data.

A big flaw has been detected in Google ‘s photo app Google Photos, which has severely damaged the privacy of users. The company has said that due to a bug in the software, personal videos of some users have reached unknown people through email. This happened due to a flaw in Google’s takeout service between November 21 and November 25 last year. Google takeout service is used by users to download their data.

Google did not know for four days

that the victim of this mess has been the user who requested to export the stored data in Google Photos . For four days, Google did not find this flaw, due to which the export tool had added the users ‘videos to the wrong users’ archives.

Google apologizes to users – Big mess in Google

, a Google spokesperson said, “We are notifying users about this bug, whose videos have accidentally reached unknown people between 21 to 25 November. Users have received an incomplete archive or video which is not theirs. We have rectified this flaw and are thoroughly investigating the incident so that such disturbances do not occur again. For this we apologize to the users.

Big mess in Google, personal videos of users reached unknown people
Big mess in Google, personal videos of users reached unknown people

More than 100 million users of Google photo app – Big mess in Google

The company emphasized that due to this bug only the users of Google Takeout Service have been harmed and most users of Google Photos have not suffered any loss. With this, Google has not given the correct information of how many users’ porn videos have reached the wrong users. However, the company definitely said that it has affected less than 0.01% users. Let us know that there are more than 100 crore users of Google Photos worldwide. Such a low percentage means that the data of millions of users has been damaged due to the bug.

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