How to disable absolute volume Android Bluetooth

disable absolute volume android

Disable absolute volume android: Many Android phones have Bluetooth absolute volume control enabled by default. However, this is not always ideal because some devices are not optimized for absolute Bluetooth volume control; This would explain those jarring moments where you play your favorite track, and you are suddenly unpleasantly surprised by the volume of the audio output on your Bluetooth headset. How can you get Android to turn off absolute Bluetooth volume on your phone? Read on to find out how:

What is absolute volume android Bluetooth?

Absolute Bluetooth volume control is the way your phone’s volume controls the volume of your Bluetooth speaker and vice versa. This means that you don’t have to manually use the physical buttons on your Bluetooth device to change the volume. You can use the volume of your phone and the sound of your headphones / speakers, which will be adjusted accordingly and for when you want to adjust the media volume of your phone using your Bluetooth device.

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