Thermal Drone: This is what makes a good thermal drone

Thermal Drone

Thermal Drone: From property and building inspections to use in the event of a disaster: a drone with a thermal imaging camera has several special areas of application. We show you some of the best models.

Thermal imaging drone: how it works

DRohnen are mostly used for very specific professional purposes with thermal imaging cameras. Thermal cameras, as they are also called, show the temperatures of surfaces and provide information about thermal differences. These are displayed in false colors – usually blue indicates cold, red indicates heat. Drones with thermal imaging cameras are extremely useful for locating people or animals, or for pointing out thermal bridges.

Drone with thermal imaging camera: these are the areas of application

This enables them to be used in numerous different professional fields. For example, a drone with a thermal imaging camera can help locate missing people – for example, when salvaging in the event of an accident. They can also be useful in finding people who are fleeing. Quadrocopters with thermal imaging functions are therefore suitable for police, fire and rescue workers.

Another area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication is in building inspection. Construction companies can use the drones to identify gaps and weaknesses in building insulation. Thermal drones are also used in agriculture – for example, before mowing during the harvest, farmers track down young fawns that hide in the field and could otherwise be overlooked by the combine harvester and killed or injured.

Drone with imaging camera: an overview of the best models

As a rule, drones with thermal imaging cameras are a lot more expensive than normal camera drones and can cost a few thousand euros. But there are also a few models that are relatively affordable. One of these models is the Parrot Anafi. The Parrot Anafi is available in several versions – including a drone with a thermal camera. It has a FLIR radiometric thermal imager (spectrum: -10 degrees Celsius to 400 degrees Celsius). In addition, it is also equipped with a 4K HDR camera. The camera can be swiveled 180 degrees. The special FreeFlight6 app makes it easy to switch between RGB and thermal view and thus analyze and control the overflown territory in the best possible way.

Thermal Drone
Drone with imaging camera

The Yuneec hexacopter is in a significantly higher price segment. It has a CGOET thermal imaging and 1080p low-light camera. Both images can be viewed simultaneously on the remote control – either picture-in-picture or as an overlay. The image is stabilized by a 3-axis gimbal. It has several security features that make control easier – including the Follow-Me and Coming Home functions as well as the virtual security fence.

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