How to Vote: Check whether or not you have a name in the voter list

How to Vote

How to Vote with Voter ID Card: The way to check whether your name is in the voter list or not is very simple. We are explaining it here.

Voting has begun today (May 19) for the seventh phase of the New Delhi Lok Sabha elections. Voting is to be held in 59 parliamentary seats in the final phase of elections today. Your voter ID card is important for you in elections. You have to vote today and if you do not have a voter ID card or voter slip, then how are you going to vote or how will we find your polling booth? If you have shifted from one place to another and you have not got a new voter ID card, then it is not that you will not be able to vote. You can find out online whether your name is in the voter list and if your name is in the voter list then you can go to vote with any other photo ID proof by taking print of ‘voter information slip’ online.

How to Vote
How to Vote: Check whether or not you have a name in the voter list

In such a situation, you will not be able to vote
. Your identity as a citizen and voter of India is only when your name is included in the voter list. If your name is not in the voter list, then you will not be able to vote. Changes are made from time to time in the voter list and the names of many fake voters are removed, so it is important that you stay updated. Information about your booth number is also given in this list.

You can vote in this way
If you applied for Voter-ID card but did not receive the card or lost your Voter-ID card, then still check your name in the list. If your name is in the voter list, then you can go to vote without voter-ID card. In such a situation, you will have to go to vote with your ID proof along with voter slip. Voter slips can be downloaded online or obtained from BLO. As an ID, you can take any valid proof like driving license or Aadhaar card.

So know how you can check your name in voter list:

1. first.Go to the website. Here you will find 2 tabs, in which in one tab you will be able to search the details of your voter ID by just entering the name and some important information, while in the second tab you will find the EPIC number of your voter ID card. That is, the voter ID number has to be entered. If you have updated something in your voter ID card, then use the second tab (EPIC No.) and if you have EPIC No. If not, then click on ‘Search by Details’.

Sample photo
2. Here you have to provide the following information:
Name / Name – Write your full name here
Father’s / Husband’s Name – Type your father’s / husband’s name.
Gender / Gender – Choose your gender.
Age / Age or Date of Birth / DoB- Give information about one of these.
State / State – Select your state.
District – Select your district.
Assembly Constituency / Assembly Constituency – Select your assembly constituency.
Code / Code – Enter the 5-digit code given in the box exactly.

3. After entering the details, click on ‘Search / Search’ .

4. After this, information like the picture shown below will be in front of you.

5. From the total results shown here, select ‘View Details’ and click on it.

6. All your details will open in front of you in a new tab. On clicking the ‘Print voter information’ option given below , these details will be downloaded in PDF format.

7. If you do not see your voter information after entering your details, then you can talk to the Election Commission’s toll free number 1800111950 .

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