13 Promising ways to Monetizing a Podcast

monetizing a podcast

Podcasts are a recognized way to offer content to your audience, and gain legitimacy on a subject of expertise. Monetizing a podcast can earn you additional income.

What is Monetizing a Podcast?

Concretely, sponsorship is an “endorsement” of the podcast by a brand. It can either be the subject of a campaign limited in time or to a certain number of plays, or take the form of a partnership on a particular episode or a series of episodes. 

My recommendation: This sponsorship can take several forms, but the one I recommend is the “host-read” format.

Let me explain. Unlike the standard “commercial” – where a brand provides you with an audio file with the message to be broadcast recited by actors – the host-read is a message written and recorded by the podcast host , to highlight the brand or the product in question.

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