Profitable niche for your blog – 4 steps to choose perfect topic for your blog

Profitable niche for your blog

Profitable niche for your blog

  • How to choose a niche?
  • How to choose a profitable niche?
  • How to choose your blog topic?

This article is an excerpt from one of the blogger schools , a training reserved for anyone who wants to succeed on the Internet.

Choosing a topic on a blog is an extremely important decision. This is an important step that will affect your failures or successes.

Profitable niche for your blog
Profitable niche for your blog – 4 steps to choose perfect topic for your blog

Choosing the right niche can make your life extraordinarily easy and attract success. People will identify quite naturally with the purpose of your blog and will naturally share your content. The right topic makes you want to blog and share it with your readers, not with a bad topic (bad niche).

Poorly chosen a topic (niche) will inevitably complicate you life until you blog on it. Worse, none of your visitors will want to return to your site and you will end up like all the bloggers who are spending their time from one blog to another and from one topic to another. The consequences of a bad choice of niche will always be disastrous.

In fact, choosing the best topic for your blog depends on your current situation, but at the same time the most important and ultimate goal you want to achieve with your blog. A blog is a tool that allows you to achieve a specific goal, and if you don’t know what you want to achieve as a goal, you will simply be unable to achieve success.

It is very easy to say that you are creating a blog to earn money and to live your blogging job. Why is this, but do you only know for whom? What do you blog for?

When you can think of topics that you can blog about, always keep in mind that there is not a way to choose a topic for your blog. I only give you directions (track or basis), after that, it will be to adapt them according to your realities, but also to your goals.

I like to talk about the subject you are visiting on the blog and not as a niche because the only fact and niche of using the subject takes you away from this bad opportunistic approach that makes you Revenue leads to choosing only one topic for efficiency, moving away from the same opportunity for success on the Internet. The term niche refers more to the opportunity to make money. So, we will not talk on this subject anymore.

Do not wait to find the right subject because it is not always easy to start. It took me two years to find the main topic of my blog. I do not insist that it will take you two years to find the theme of your blog, no. I know bloggers who found the topic of their blog right from the start or a few weeks later. So everything depends.

But never mind, and if you don’t want to be paralyzed by all the choices that cross your mind, the most important thing to do when you have ideas is to start over . Only in action will you be able to find it.

Do not be paralyzed by information overload. Okay, you are not going to start with anything either. So be sure to start with a subject that is close to your passion, your ability, or the subject you are ready to learn.

At this point, progress should be your primary goal, not perfection. You can always change your subject later or even change it completely. everything is possible.

So let’s start by reviewing your goals for the blog you create.

Here are some goals you may have:Profitable niche for your blog

  • Explore a topic
  • Build relationships with other bloggers (friendly)
  • Learn to recognize the needs of your readers
  • Learn to write articles
  • Learn to write catchy titles
  • Learn how to make a business from your blog
  • Improve your understanding of blogging
  • e.t.c

Personally, I suggest that you launch your blog only after completing this training. Nothing presses. Learning is the best opportunity for a blogger, not money.

Give yourself time to master the basics
and your tasks will become more effective.

To return (briefly) to the topic of your blog, here are some simple steps to follow.

1. Write down the goals you want to achieve on the blog.

  • What is your ultimate goal?
  • What do you expect from this blog?
  • friend?
  • Fortune?
  • Hobby?

Whatever the reason, write them down! However, I do not recommend you start blogging for money, although we are well aware that this is somehow your ultimate goal. Most bloggers who have started a blog just to make money have never made a fortune. Paradoxically, when he started blogging to be useful, he made a lot of money.

You understand that the ultimate goal that you are going to choose should come closer to utility than greed . Also pay attention to the intermediate objectives of each of your goals.

2. Make a list of topics that you have found based on:

  • Your experience on the subject
  • Your interest on the subject
  • Your desire to learn a blog on the subject

Don’t just write everything that goes through your head, because some research on the Internet can be useful (to find ideas). Again, do not take this step lightly. Time is needed because it is better to spend a week to choose the topic of your blog than to spend years blogging on the wrong topic.

3. Eliminate topics that don’t match
Review your list of topics and eliminate topics that are more difficult and less important.

4. Make a short list of 10 of 3 favorite topics.
Talk to someone you trust, preferably someone you don’t trust. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each topic together according to your criteria.

If your goal is to earn money from your blog, include this setting in your criteria. There are many ways to earn money on the Internet from a blog: coaching, selling products and services, selling e-books, affiliate marketing, advertising and more.

Before making the final choice, check that another blogger has generated income on a similar topic. Anyway, you should not just choose a topic for your revenue potential, you should also do it and specifically choose it for the capacity you have. You should really answer the most important question in your case:

How can I be useful to others? Profitable niche for your blog

This assumes that you should identify any special needs or problems that already exist in your niche. Preferably choose an unresolved or badly resolved problem. Then check that you have the skill to solve it in less time and with more efficiency.

It is not necessary to keep your choice in mind only to the extent of demand because the higher the desire, the more likely it is to sell … and more unfortunately there is competition. Only those who develop certain skills will be able to share the cake.

At this point, you have to think about what makes a blog successful. Choose the topic that will allow you to cover the maximum factors, as this will be the one that will give you more chances to achieve success.

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