Science Day 2020 : When did Science Day begin to be celebrated?

Science Day 2020

Science Day 2020: Science is very important in our life. Many great scientists were born in India and gave recognition to India in the field of science and also made a different place for themselves. National Science Day is celebrated in India every year on 28 February in the presence of a similar scientist. Let us know through this article why and how National Science Day is celebrated in India. How did it start, etc.?

We will travel back in time until 1999 to locate ourselves in Budapest, when the World Conference on Science was held. Essential issues were addressed and a global action plan of unquestionable relevance was launched, which is still active.

What is the ‘Raman Effect’?

Raman scattering or the Raman effect is about the flexible distribution of photon particles. According to Raman effect, the nature and nature of light changes when it comes out through a transparent medium. This medium can be anything solid, fluid and gaseous. This phenomenon occurs when the molecules of the medium disperse or disperse the particles of light energy. The Raman effect is also important for understanding the internal structure of chemical compounds.

On the official website of the United Nations the origin of the celebration of Science Day is very well explained :

The World Science Day for Peace and Development is an annual event celebrated worldwide since 2002 to remember the commitment made at the World Conference on Science, held in Budapest in 1999, under the Sponsorship of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the International Council for Science (CIC)…

… At the Budapest meeting it was considered that the establishment of this Day would constitute an opportunity to reaffirm every year the will to achieve the objectives proclaimed in the Declaration on Science and the Use of Scientific Knowledge and to follow up on the recommendations of the Program in for Science: General Framework for Action .

What do you intend to achieve with Science Day?

This important date must remain active for all that it implies, both nationally and internationally. While it is true that science occupies a fundamental place in the face of technological and social advances, the truth is that there is still a lot of informative work ahead so that the population knows the real importance.

For this , Science Day has an essential responsibility in order to transmit to the world everything that science has achieved and can continue to achieve, with the following objectives every year:

  • Bet internationally to use science responsibly in favor of societies .
  • Eradicate poverty through the appropriate use of science adapted to the environment.
  • Encourage an improvement in the opinion about science by the population.
  • Bring science closer to society to eliminate that distance still existing between them.
  • Encourage in society the importance of science as a tool to improve.
  • Report progress and news.
  • Know real achievements .
Science Day 2020
Science Day 2020 : When did Science Day begin to be celebrated?

Awards on National Science Day

Every year on the occasion of National Science Day, a grand program is organized by the Ministry of Science and Technology in New Delhi. In this program, awards are presented at the national level for special contributions to popularize science. Apart from this, lectures are also organized by a distinguished scientist on the popular subject of science.

The head of the National Council of Science and Technology Communication, Mr. Chandramohan told India Science Wire that this year the Director General of the National Museum Council, Kolkata, Mr. A.K. The main lecture will be given by Manekar, whose theme is ‘Challenges and Prospects for Science Communication in the Twenty-First Century’.

Without the spread of scientific outlook in the public mind, the path of development cannot be progressed rapidly. A large section of the society is still surrounded by unmistakable beliefs and superstitions. Diffusion of scientific thinking is necessary to move fast on the path of development. Events like National Science Day can definitely prove to be helpful in spreading the scientific outlook.

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