Song name without lyrics, Find the name of song without knowing the text

Song name without lyrics

Song name without lyrics:

“But if you know, the song that goes ‘La tilali lala … tilala!’ No ?”

Having an air of music in mind but being unable to put a name on it is super annoying! And it’s even more frustrating to hear a super stylish Song (in a bar or at the local Franprix) but not to know it and to say that we will lose it forever … But there are simple solutions to find your musical Grail!

Any language somewhere has a tormenting feeling for it that comes to life when you hear a catchy snippet of a Song that you either have never heard before or cannot remember. But which you should definitely listen to. Thanks to modern technology, you can finally end your torture. Precisely identify any unknown Song you come across with a connected device such as your smartphone or smart home speaker.

Shazam App

Shazam is a music identification app that was acquired by Apple in late 2017 for $ 400 million. With the microphone of your smartphone, Shazam takes a short music sample, creates the acoustic fingerprint and compares the fingerprint with a large and constantly growing database with more than 11 million songs. As complicated as it may seem, the entire process of music identification takes only a few seconds and the results are surprisingly accurate. Every result is accompanied by practical social media share buttons. Links to Google Play Music and YouTube, as well as texts. In addition to music, Shazam can also recognize magazines, posters or books with the camera on your smartphone. This makes it an indispensable app for all smartphone addicts.

Uploaded by Real Engineering

Now there is a super useful and widely requested resource available on the internet, but it never existed in applications that serve to identify music. While Shazam , for example, or even the iPhone’s Siri , need an excerpt playing entirely, the Midomi website dispenses with that. It is integrated with SoundHound and you just need to whistle or hum that it guesses what the Song is in an instant!

Song name without lyrics
How Shazam Wok

Midomi website

The Midomi web platform requires the user to have a microphone on the computer to be able to identify the tracks. One of the options, in the absence of the device, is to access through the cell phone or tablet that always have built-in microphones. There is an application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone available. The best part of Midomi is that you don’t need to know any of the lyrics. A few groans at the right rhythm for 10 seconds are able to point out the likely Song you’re looking for. Everything will depend on how well you whistle.

Sound Hound

Less known, SoundHound may be for you if you haven’t had time to shazame your music in time. Because SoundHound has a great advantage: it is able to recognize a Song if you hum it in your ear!

Well obviously, it is better to have the voice of Mariah Carey than that of Renaud for it to work. But that could finally solve your concern, you know, this Song stuck in a corner of your head for ages!

Watzatsong and Trouvetamusique

Nothing like a community of experts to help you in your task, quite ungrateful in truth. Two sites are not bad for that: Watzatsong and Trouvetamusique.

On both sites, it is possible to upload files: which means that you can record yourself humming your musical obsession and send it to the site, so that thousands of learned ears try to pierce the mystery!


If you happen to hear the Song you are looking for everywhere remixed in another Song (what is called a sample, in musical jargon), bingo! You can use the WhoSampled software to peel Song number 2 to find your Song number 1. Great!

Some other starvation techniques – Song name without lyrics

Are you really tired of it? Come on, you have two little tricks to try, but we warn you, they require patience and a lot of resourcefulness:

– If you ever like the sound that goes by, ask in all probability – in the bar where you are or directly at your Franprix – if it is the radio that is running! Most radio stations publish their programming directly on their website. It’s magic !

– last hope, but it is the technique of the desperate … Type keywords in Google (words, the appearance of the singer, the time of the Song) or try to make a maximum of search YouTube’s associated video suggestions if you know roughly what genre or when your mystery music belongs.

Google Assistant – Song name without lyrics

If you have an Android smartphone that supports Google Assistant such as Google Pixel 2 or LG G6 or Nokia 8, you can find out what the most popular titles are without installing a third-party app. Just ask the Google Assistant, “What Song is that?” Or “Which Song is playing?”.

Since November 2017, Google Assistant has had the ability to passively listen to music in your area and identify popular songs after about a minute. Because Google Assistant needs such a long audio sample. It works best when you listen to music at home or at a party. When Google Assistant identifies a Song, the lyrics and links to YouTube, Spotify and Google Play Music are automatically displayed.

Genius is on a mission to annotate every piece of music ever made. This website and the mobile app offer an impressive collection of hip hop and rap lyrics, often with explanations written by the artists themselves. With the official Android app, you can search for and contribute to more than 1.7 million songs by annotating all the songs you know and love. You can either search manually or tap the Soundwave button and let the app recognize the currently playing track using your smartphone’s microphone.

Amazon Echo – Song name without lyrics

While all of the above using music recognition solutions. You can find the name of a track while the track is playing. With Amazon Echo you can identify a title that is no longer playing. How? By listening, you sing a few words or lines from the Song. Don’t worry: the Echo won’t judge your singing (at least not yet). Its ability to identify songs will improve day by day. To use this Amazon Echo feature, all you have to do is say, “Alexa, play the Song that works …”

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