Swami Vivekananda Story, mixed by productive thoughts

Story of Swami Vivekananda

First Swami Vivekananda Story # 1

Swami Vivekananda Story: There is a passage in the life of the great Karmayogi Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda’s fame had spread worldwide. Swami ji had become a follower. Once a foreign lady Swamiji came to meet him impressed. Swami ji’s face was as sharp as the sun.

Foreign lady said to Swamiji – Swami ji I want to marry you

Swamiji said – Why? Hey goddess i am an intelligent man

Foreign lady said – I want a bright son like you so that he can grow up and share knowledge with the world and make my name bright.

Swamiji folded his hands in front of the lady and said – Mother, take Goddess… I consider you my mother from today. You also got a son like me and my camaraderie will not break.

On hearing this, the woman fell at the feet of Swamiji. Blessed are you Swamiji, you are truly a source of inspiration for your youth.Swami Vivekananda Story

Story of Swami Vivekananda
Swami Vivekananda Story

Second Swami Vivekananda Story # 2

Once a person came to Swami Vivekananda ‘s ashram who looked very sad to see. The person fell at the feet of Swamiji as soon as he came and said that Maharaj, I am very sad with my life, I work very hard in my daily life, I work very diligently but never succeeded. Why has God given me such luck that I have read, written, and despite hard work, I have never been able to succeed, but have not become rich.

Swamiji understood the problem of that person within a second. In those days Swamiji had a small pet dog, he said to that person – you take my dog ​​a little walk away, then I will answer your question.

The man looked at Swami ji with great surprise and then with the dog got away. After a long stroll, when the person returned to Swamiji, Swamiji saw that the person’s face was still glowing while the dog was panting and was feeling very tired. Swami ji told the person – how tired this dog is when you are still looking clean and tired, then the person said that I was walking on my way straight away, but this dog all the dogs of the street Was running behind and would come back to me after fighting. Both of us have come a similar way but still this dog has run more than me, that’s why it is tired.

Swami ji ( Swami Vivekananda ) smiled and said – That is the answer to all your questions, your floor is around you, it is not far away but instead of going to the floor you keep running after other people and away from your destination. You keep going.

Friends, the same thing applies to our daily lives as well, we are always chasing others that if I am a doctor, I have to become a doctor, if I am an engineer, I have to become an engineer as well, he is earning more money than me. To earn. Just because of this thinking, we lose our talent somewhere and life becomes just a struggle, so friends don’t compete with others and make your own destination.

Swami Vivekananda Story
Swami Vivekananda Story

Third Swami Vivekananda Story # 3

Once Swami ji was roaming with his followers in America. The same Swami ji saw some children shooting guns on eggshells floating in the river. Those children were trying again and again but they missed their target again and again. Seeing this, Swami ji was very excited and started taking guns from the children and targeting himself.

As soon as Swami Ji hit the first target, he hit the target right. Now Swamiji shot 12 targets one after the other and all seemed accurate. The children asked Swamiji with great surprise that you are a monk, you don’t even know how to target, then how did you hit all the targets right away.

Swamiji said – Children, whenever you do any work, do it with full attention, all your attention should be on your goal. Just focus your mind on what you are doing and then see that you will achieve every goal of the world very easily. This is the education that is given to children in our India.

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