Teddy Day 2020 : Why girls love teddy, Shayari, couples celebrate,

Teddy Day 2020 : Why girls love teddy, Shayari, couples celebrate,

Teddy Day 2020: Monday is Teddy Day, the fourth day of Valentine’s Week. On this occasion, all the couples will gift their teddy bear and express love with their valentines. This day is unique in the whole week. This is because Teddy is very popular among the youth.

Markets are also adorned with various beautiful, colorful teddies. Let us tell you some special things about Teddy Day. The market was buzzing with teddy on Sunday. Keeping in mind the choice of the youth in the cities, teddy prices of low and high prices were available. Their range was from 100 rupees to 1 thousand rupees. The highest demand for teddy ranges from Rs 200 to Rs 500. There is also a business opportunity with love, so the shopkeepers have kept the stock. The teddy market is adorned in the country especially from UP, Delhi and Ludhiana.

Teddy Day 2020
Teddy Day Shayari (Teddy Day 2020)

Sunday celebrates Chocolate Day,

On Sundays, the sweet days of Valentine’s Week were spent on Chocolate Day with market couples. Love couples gifted each other chocolate and sweetened the mouth and celebrated the day in their romantic style. Chocolate Day events and activities were held at many restaurants in the cities.

Teddy Day Shayari (Teddy Day 2020)

1. Chocolate Fragrance

The sweetness of ice cream,

Love fun and taste of hands

Laughter balloons and yours

Happy Teddy Day to you.

2. Today I met Shikwe on Lab

Then silence went between us

We stood for a long time and he left

We were so upset with anger

And they brought cute to teddy. 

3. Sending Teddy to you with love,

Take care of you

If you have love, send it

A teddy love me too

Happy Teddy Day

4. If You Love Someone,

Will not get such a chance the second time,

Express your love

Cute teddy isn’t it friend

Happy Teddy Day

5. They have a complaint with us,

That we smile when we see everyone

What are they mindless

We see those in every face

Happy Teddy Day Dear

6. Know that they still become unknown

That’s how they bother us

Ask us what you like

Let’s answer ourselves and ask questions

Happy Teddy Day.

couple teddy

More Shayri

Wish in my life too

Come such a beautiful moment

Get my teddy and

I love someone

Happy Teddy Day!


You are always within me,

You always laugh inside me,

And make me happy and smile,

You always love me like a teddy

You give a soft and touching feeling. Happy Teddy Day!

You are in my heart,

You flow in my blood,

I want you to know this That

You are my a Real Life Teddy For me

Happy Teddy Day!


Who said teddy’s not real …

Just look once again!

You are the sweetest teddy

Moy love! Happy Teddy Day!

On this teddy day,

I want to tell you,

You more than any teddy bear

Sweet, sweet and sweet … love you !!

Happy teddy day


Our heart

To tell you something new

Beats again and again

… wants to say …


Happy Teddy Day !!


The teddy I’m sending isn’t just a teddy,

This is me

Hug me and say

Happy teddy day


Even if the sun refuses to shine,

Refuse the word shayari

I want to understand today

You will always be my valentine

Love You Sweetheart … Happy Teddy Day !!

Love you,

Have to fulfill my heart,

After all we have to decide

You have to send a teddy and show it,

Happy Teddy Day

girl with teddy
Why do girls like Teddy so much? (Teddy Day 2020)

Why do girls like Teddy so much? (Teddy Day 2020)

Valentine’s Week is going on and the day has come for Teddy Day in which to cherish the sign of love by giving a teddy bear to the partner. On February 11, Promise Day comes after Teddy Day. On the day of Teddy Day, the couples give each other teddy bears as gifts. Teddy bears are specially prepared for this day. Many types of teddy bears are decorated in the market. To impress your partner on Teddy Day, you can give a special teddy bear. Girls have a special craze about teddy bear. Some girls love teddy bears so much that they keep teddy in their drawing room, bed room, and many girls do not even sleep without teddy!

Some girls always carry teddy bears with them at home. This may be because some girls have a lot of memories associated with Teddy since childhood and do not like to leave with Teddy. It is also seen in the girls that they sit and talk for hours with their teddy in private and tell teddy bear the best way to express their feelings.

Mean teddy’s different colors (Teddy Day 2020)

Blue teddy

Blue teddy means true love for your partner. This is because the color of the sky and the sea is also blue, which symbolizes depth, truth, honesty, sharpness, trust and stability.

Green teddy

With the green teddy giver, you are sending the message that ‘I am Waiting for you’ means I am waiting for you. Green color is a sign of growth, freshness and energy.

Red teddy

Red has always been the color of love and attraction. So if you are giving red teddy to someone, it means you are attracted to them and love them.

Black teddy

Black color indicates denial. You have proposed someone and if he does not approve your proposal, then he can express his feelings by gifting you a black teddy.

Pink teddy

Giving pink teddy means you want to date them. 

 So if you had not yet noticed the color of teddy, then do it now and only then shop for it.

girl with teddy
Mean teddy’s different colors (Teddy Day 2020)

Valentine week list 2020 (Teddy Day 2020)

1. Rose Day – 7th Feb 2020

2. Propose Day – 8th feb 2020

3. Chocolate Day – 9th feb 2020

4. Teddy Day – 10th feb 2020

5. Promise Day – 11th feb 2020

6. Hug Day – 12th feb 2020

7. Kiss Day – 13th feb 2020

8. Valentine Day – 14th feb 2020

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