Tejpatta: 7 Medicinal Properties Of Bay Leaves You need to Know

To take advantage of the benefits of Tejpatta for our health, it is important that they are dry, since fresh can become toxic.

The Tejpatta is a type of plant that is used to flavor dishes . The aroma of Tejpata is very pleasant, making it an excellent companion to many meals.

No kitchen in India where bay leaf is not used to bring flavor to the food. But perhaps very few people will know that Tejpatta has innumerable qualities due to which it is used as a medicine in Ayurveda. By the way, bay leaf is added as a dry spice to increase taste and smell, but apart from this, it also helps in relieving headaches, colds, asthma, and Aruchi.

What is Tejpata?

The bay leaves we use to eat are dried. Dried leaves are sold in the market in the name of Tejpata. The color of the leaves is olive green and the top part is smooth, with 3 clear veins. Its smell consists of cloves and cinnamon, but its smell is very mild and delectable. 

Its 7.5 m tall is a small intermediate-sized tree. Its stem bark is dark brown or dark brown, slightly rough, less fragrant and tasteless than cinnamon, the outer part is light pink or reddish brown with white stripes. Its leaves are simple, opposite or alternating, 10-12.5 cm long, of various widths, elliptical, shiny, pointed, fragrant with 3 veins and sharp in taste. Its new leaves are of some pink color. Its flowers are light yellow. Its fruits are elliptical, fleshy, red in color, 13 mm long. Its floral and fruit period is from August to February.

Tejapatta has a special place for treatment in Ayurveda due to its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial propertiesbay leaves are light, pungent, bitter, sweet, warm by nature. It is helpful in digestion, stimulates brain, cleanses urine, is healthy for stomach or stomach.

The essence of its leaves is beneficial in reducing diarrhea. The powder of its leaves is beneficial in hypoglycaemia.

Name of bay leaf in different languages

The botanical name of Tejpatta is Cinnamomum tamala Nees (Buch.-Ham) & Eberm. (Cinnamomum tamala) Syn-Cinnamomum albiflorum is Nees and its total is Lauraceae (Loraceae). Tejpatta is Indian Bay Leaf in English. But Tejpatta is called by different names in other provinces of India. like-

Bayleaf in : 

  • Sanskrit- पत्र, गंधजात, पाकरञ्जन, तमालपत्र, पत्रक, तेजपत्र;
  • Hindi- तमालपत्र, पत्र, तेजपत्ता, ब्राहमी;
  • Kannada- Patraka (Patraka), Lavangdapatti;
  • Gujrati- Tamalpatra, Taj;
  • Tamil- कटटु-मुंकाइ (Kattu-murunkai);
  • Telugu- Akupatri, Talispatri;
  • Bengali- Tejptr (Tejpatra);  
  • Nepali- Tejpat (Tejpat)
  • Marathi- तमालपत्र (Tamalpatra), दाल चिन्टिटिकी (Dalchinitiki).
  • English- Indian cassia, Cassia cinnamon, Tamala cassia;
  • Arbi- साज्जेहिन्दी (Sajjehindi), जर्नाब (Zarnab);
  • Persian- Sadrasu

Where is Tejpatta found and grown? 

Wild tropical trees are found in India in tropical and subtropical Himalayas from Bhutan up to 900–1500 m, Sikkim at 2400 m and in the hilly regions of Silhut and Khasia up to 900–1200 m.

However, Tejpatta also have very beneficial properties for our health . Today we will discover some of them that will make this plant essential in our diet.

Magical Properties Of Tejpatta

Tejpatta, as we mentioned, have many properties. Today we will discover 7 of them. We recommend that you do not miss the recipe that we have prepared for you at the end. You will give it a lot of utility as Tejpata uses.

1. Reduce Anxiety

According to this study , Tejpata would help reduce anxiety thanks to the chemical compound in the smoke that is produced when burning them. This ends up having a calming effect on both the body and the mind.

However, we do not recommend it, much less, without first consulting a doctor. Be careful because inhaling this smoke regularly can lead to hallucinations.

bay leaf or tejpatta

2. Reduce Inflammation And Promote Muscle Relaxation

bay leaves contain eugenol . This compound can act as an anti-inflammatory remedy so if we suffer from any type of inflammation it will be a very effective natural remedy.

Thus, thanks to the use of Tejpatta You can reduce inflammation throughout your body , especially in the joints.

As it has a vasoconstrictor action, it helps regulate blood circulation and relaxes nerve impulses . It is ideal if we suffer from migraines or headaches. It can even relieve neck or shoulder pain.

We can use it as an oil to massage the temples or the area that we need. In addition, it plays an important role as a neuroprotector.

3. They Strengthen The Immune System

For the body to function properly it needs both vitamins and minerals . The eugenol contained in laurel also acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the immune system.

Thus, Tejpata whether they are burned or whole, can be added to dishes . This is also recommended in case you have a cold.

properties of bay leaves or tej pata or tejpatta
Tejpatta, whether they are burned or whole, can be added to dishes 

4. Good For Fighting Diabetes

According to data from research carried out in the United States, the consumption of 1 to 3 grams of Tejpatta per day could alleviate some symptoms that often appear among people with type II diabetes.

5. They Facilitate The Proper Functioning Of The Respiratory System

Tejpatta are a good medicine to open your airways . If you suffer from asthma or have problems with allergies, it will be of great help.

To do this, you would have to breathe in the vapors of the oil from the Tejpatta. Of course, we do not recommend, as we told you before, that you carry out this remedy : remember that inhaling laurel can bring complications.

6. Good For The Skin

Tejpatta oil is very suitable for skin care . It is an oil that is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants , so you can give your dermis the care it deserves.

Plus, it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial benefits . It is also perfect for treating skin rashes.

7. Do They Help Lower Fever?

It is believed that, if you have a cold, mist with Tejpata would be a good solution, or that you could also choose to apply poultices moistened with this oil on the chest. However, there are no scientific studies that support its supposed valid use to help lower fever.

bay leaves properties tejpatta
if you have a cold, mist with Tejpatta oil would be a good solution

Tejpatta Oil Recipe

Now already got to know some of the properties of Tejpatawe are going to share with you a recipe to make bay leaf oil . In cases where you want to strengthen the immune system, you can take it as an infusion.


  • 1 teaspoon of Tejpata (5 g)
  • 1 cup of sweet almond oil (which have a great healing power ) (200 g)


  • 1 glass jar with a capacity of 200 ml


  • The first thing you will have to do is wash the glass jar well.
  • Then you will have to introduce the Tejpatta, making sure that they are all well cleaned.
  • Once you have the Tejpatta inside, add the sweet almond oil .
  • Close hermetically and let it macerate for 40 days .

We hope that Tejpatta will be of great help to relieve migraines, poor circulation in the legs or inflammation problems . Use them as an infusion or as an oil. Your benefits will not be long in coming.

Some more benefits of tejpatta as follows:

Tejpata For Spider Poison

If the spider has licked, then  grinding equal quantity of  manjistha, nagkasar, Tejpatta and turmeric and applying it on the licked place reduces the effect of spider venom.

Tej patta Beneficial to control Cholesterol

If you are troubled by the increased cholesterol level, then you should add Tejpatta to your food routine. According to a research, using bay leaves also helps in controlling cholesterol.  

Tejpatta is beneficial in relieving ulcers

The cause of ulcers is due to poor digestion. Tej patta corrects digestion system, which reduces the chances of ulcers.

Tejpatta Benefits For Headache

Nowadays headache problem is common for people. The stress of work throughout the day, part-time, continuous work on computer, continuous work on the phone screen, moving in the sun, excess cold are the reason of such numerous headaches. 

tejpatta for headache

For this, home remedy of bay leaves is very beneficial.  Grind 10 grams of bay leaves in water and apply on a skull to get relief from headache caused by cold or heat.

Benefit of  Bay leaves to Get Rid from Head Lice

During school time, children started to know about problem of head lice. These treatments of bay leaves work very effectively in removing lice without damaging the hair. Boil 5-6 leaves of Tejpata in a glass of water so that the water remains half. Take a bath after massaging the scalp daily with this water. This does not cause lice in the head.

Beneficial in eyes diseases

A lots of people suffer in eye related diseases, such as common eye pain, night blindness, eye redness etc. In all these types of problems, home remedies made from Tejpata are very useful. Grinding bay leaf and applying it to the eye provides relief from eye disease.

Benefits in Teeth Whitening

If, for some reason, the teeth have lost its shine,  rubbing fine powder of Tej patta on the teeth in the morning and evening gives a glow to the teeth.

Beneficial in gum disease

If there are problems with swelling and bleeding in the gums, the medicinal properties of bay leaves are very useful as a treatment. Chewing the stalk of tej patta in benefits stops  bleeding from the gums.

Bay leaves Benefits in Stutter

If someone has problems talking intermittently or stuttering, bay leaves can prove to be beneficial. Sucking bay leaves regularly provides relief in stuttering.

Benefit of  Bay Leaf in Asthma

Every time the weather changes or more cold weather comes, the problem of asthma increases in the people. 

Grinding 2 to 2 grams of bay leaves and peepal in the syrup of ginger marmalade provides relief in asthma. Apart from this, taking one teaspoon powder of dried bay leaves with one cup of warm milk regularly in the morning and evening provides relief in respiratory problems.

Benefits of Tejpatta in Anorexia

If there is a decrease in the desire to eat due to some disease or due to stress, it is quicker to consume bay leaves in this way.

Drinking raita of bay leaves in the morning and evening ends the problem of loss of appetite.

Relieving nausea Bay or Vomiting 

If you feel nauseous again and again for some reason, taking 2-4 grams of its powder ,  it removes nausea. Apart from this, taking honey mixed with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and bay leaf powder (1-4 grams) provides relief from ulceration or vomiting, or powder of bilva, harad, bahera, amla and pippali, marich, dry ginger (1- 4 grams) with honey also improves physical condition in vomiting.  

Bay leaves benefits in Diarrhoea

If there is diarrhea due to eating more spicy food, packaged food or outside food that the name of stoppage is not taken, then home remedy of bay leaves will be very useful. Diarrhea and stomach pain are reduced by taking sugar candy and honey mixed with 1-3 grams powder of leaves.

Beneficial inflammation of the liver

If the liver has become inflamed due to some disease, consuming bay leaves in this way gives quick relief. Make a decoction of the powder of bay leaf, garlic, black marich, cloves and turmeric in equal quantity and drink 10-20 milliliters of it to get benefit in liver diseases.

Maintaining the delivery process easier

Delivery time is very painful for every pregnant woman. Using bay leaves in this way provides an advantage in making the delivery process easier. By giving fumigation (in the vagina) of its leaves, the child is born with pleasure.

Bay leaves Beneficial in Uterine Purifcation

Taking 1-3 grams of bay leaf powder in the morning and evening, purifies the uterus. Soreness of the uterus is reduced by sitting in the decoction of bay leaf. A decoction of 40-60 ml leaves of Tejjata leaves, which has been delivered, is given to the patient in the morning and evening.

Tej patta to Treat Arthritis

Nowadays, the problem of arthritis is not seen by age. Due to staying in AC throughout the day or due to overwork sitting, people have started getting the disease at any age. To get relief from this, bay leaf can be used in this way.  Grinding the leaves of bay leaves and applying it on the joints provides relief in joint pain.

Reduce bleeding

If there is bleeding or bleeding from any part of the body, taking one spoon of bay powder with one cup of water 2-3 times is beneficial.

Come out of body odor

Due to sweat in summer season, the body starts to smell and due to this many people have to face embarrassment situation. For this  , grinding equal quantity of Tejpatta, Sundhabala, Agaru, Haritaki and Sandalwood on the body and applying it on the body reduces the bad smell of sweat .

Tejpatta Beneficial for Digestive System

Due to the hot properties of bay leaves, this digestive fire increases appetite and strengthens digestive power.  

Tejpatta Beneficial to Treat Cancer for anti cancer properties

According to a research, anti-cancer properties are also found in bay leaves, which can also reduce the symptoms of cancer. 

 Tejpatta Beneficial for Weight loss

One reason for weight gain is also the increase of phlegm defect. It also helps in reducing weight by having phlegm sedative properties in bay leaves.

For healthy Heart

According to a research, bay leaf has the property of keeping the heart healthy. The consumption of bay leaves helps to control cholesterol, which can reduce the symptoms of some heart related problems. 

Use of bay leaf at the time of menstruation or periods

The main cause of pain during menstruation is the increase in vata dosha. In this case, it gives benefits in this condition due to the sedative properties of bay leaves.

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