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Thala Ajith kumar biography, Ajith movies, life, awards and everything

Without any cinematic background, Thala Ajith Kumar is the one who has entered the Tamil film industry, progressed through his hard work, and created a crowd of fans with his performances. He is also known as ‘The Ultimate Star’, making his debut as a supporting character in a Telugu film and playing a variety of roles. Growing up as a child star and actress, she married Baby Shalini, who co-starred in the movie ‘Amarchalam’. He has won three Filmfare Awards, twice Cinema Express Awards, three Vijay Awards, and twice a Tamil Nadu State Government Awards.Continue reading more about the life and achievements of such a magnificent ‘Ultimate Star’ Ajit Kumar and his achievements in the Tamil film industry.

Ajith birthday: May 1 , 1971

Origin: Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh, India

Task: Actor, car racer

Nationality: Indian

Actor Ajith Birthday Or Thala Ajith birthday or Ajith kumar Age

Ajith Kumar was born on May 1, 1971 in Hyderabad, the capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. His brother-in-law Anoop Kumar is a partner in New York, while his younger brother, Squirrel Kumar, works in Seattle. Thala Ajiths age is now 49 years.

Early life and education of Thala Ajith kumar

Born in Hyderabad, the son of a father and a mother of Sindhi, Palakkad, Ajit Kumar grew up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He started his schooling at Asan Memorial High School in Thousand Lights in Chennai and found himself in a state of study. Thus, before he began his higher education in 1986, he quit school to resist the wishes of his parents.

Early work

He abandoned his schooling halfway and joined a two-wheeler bike mechanic. He was passionate about bike and car driving and learned to drive himself and got a license. He chose bike racing as his career path and, from time to time, acted in small magazine advertisements and television commercials, in order to attend. The injury during the bike race prompted many of his business agents to act in advertising in the print media. This gave him many film opportunities. ‘Bet? Cinema? ‘ When he arrived, he set foot in cinema with the intention of making money.

Screen life of Thala Ajith kumar

In 1991, at the age of 20, Ajith Kumar, who was contracted to a Telugu film, lost his chance to act as the director of the film died. Then, one year later, he made his debut in the 1992 film ‘Prema Pusthakam’. The film also earned him the ‘Best Newcomer Award’. In the same year, Selva got a chance to work in the film Amaravati. This is her first film in the Tamil film industry. Following this, he starred in films such as ‘Paasamalars’ (1994), ‘Pavithra’ (1994), ‘Raja’s Vision’ (1995) and ‘Aasai’ (1995). In 1995, the film ‘Aasai’ was a major breakthrough and earned him the status of a rising star in the Tamil film industry.

Thala Ajith kumar biography, Ajith movies, life, awards and everything

Ajith kumar movies

Ajith Kumar, who is known for his natural and natural performances, has continued to perform in the films ‘Vanmathi’ (1996), ‘College Vasal’ (1996), ‘Minor Mappillai’ (1996), ‘Love Fortress’ (1996), ‘Nesam’ (1997) , ‘Razi’ (1997), ‘Ulaasam’ (1997), ‘Pagivanan’ (1997), ‘Reddy Jai Vyasu’ (1997), ‘Romantic King’ (1998), ‘She Will Come’ (1998) ‘ Given ‘(Honorary Role) (1998),’ Live Alive ‘(1998),’ Continue ‘(1999),’ You seek ‘(1999),’ Wally ‘(1999),’ Ananda Dungarete (1999), ‘You Will Be Earnest’ (Honorary Role) (1999), ‘Amarchalam’ (1999), ‘Address’ (2000), ‘Kandukonden Kandondanen’ (2000), ‘Give Me Yourself’ (2000) , ‘Deena’ (2001), ‘Citizen’ (2001), ‘Poovellum Nun Vasam’ (2001), ‘Asoka’ (Honorary Role) (2001), ‘Red’ (2002), ‘Raja’ (2002), ‘ Villain ‘(2002),’ Me Tallata Varuvala ‘(Honorary Role) (2003),’ Anjaneya ‘(2003),’ Jana ‘(2004),’Attakasam’ (2004), ‘Ji’ (2005), ‘Paramasivan’ (2006), ‘Tirupati’ (2006), ‘History’ (2006), ‘Alwar’ (2007), ‘Crown’ (2007), ‘ Billa 2007 (2007), ‘Egan’ (2008), ‘Original’ (2010), ‘Mankatha’ (2011), ‘Billa 2’ (2012), ‘English Winglish’ (2012) Retained in the film industry.

Now, she is working with Arya and Nayanthara on Vishnuvardhan’s ‘Web’.

Ajith kumar racing career

From his youth, he has been interested in race car and bike riding and has participated in car races in Mumbai, Chennai and Delhi. He also became one of the only Indians to race in the international arena and was the only Indian actor to win the Formula Championship. She competed in the 2003 Formula Asia BMW Championship in various countries, including Germany and Malaysia. He is also one of only three Indians to compete in the 2010 Formula 2 Championships.

Living life

In 1999, when she starred opposite Shalini in Saran’s ‘Amarkalam’, she fell in love with Shalini. Shalini also agreed, and with the consent of the two, the two got married on April 2௦௦௦ in Chennai on a binary basis. After their marriage, Shalini retired from her film career. They had a daughter, Anoska, on January 3, 2008.

Awards achieve by Thala Ajith kumar

  • 2001 – He won the Special Film Award for Best Actor in the State of Tamil Nadu for his movie ‘Poovellam Una Wasam’.
  • 2006 – Won the Tamil Nadu Government’s MGR Film Award for ‘History’.
  • He won the Vijay Awards for ‘History’ in 2௦௦6 and Mankatha in 2011 twice.
  • He won the Cinema Express Award for Best Tamil Actor for ‘Wally’ in 1999 and ‘Citizen’ in 2௦௦1.
  • In 2011, he won the Chennai Times Award for Best Tamil Actor for Mankatha.
  • He was awarded the Filmfare Awards for ‘Wally’ in 1999, ‘Villain’ in 2002, ‘History’ in 2006 and ‘Billa’ in 2௦௦7.


1971: Born on May 1, 1971, as the second son of Subramaniam and Mohini in Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh.

1986: He quits school before starting high school.

1991: At the age of 20, he signed a Telugu film.

1992: Made his debut in the Telugu film ‘Prema Pusthakam’.

1992: In the Selva movement, he made his debut in the Tamil film industry with the film ‘Amaravati’.

Thala Ajith kumar
Ajith Kumar birthday

1999: Actress Shalini appeared in the film ‘Amarkalam’, and she fell in love with Shalini in June.

2௦௦௦: With the consent of both spouses, the two joined the bicameral marriage in Chennai on April 2௦௦௦.

2௦௦1: Won the Best Film Award for Best Actor in the State of Tamil Nadu for his movie ‘Poovellam Una Wasam’.

2003: Competed in the Formula Asia BMW Championship.

2006: Won the Tamil Nadu Government’s MGR Film Award for ‘History’.

2008: On January 3, 2008, a daughter named Anoska was born.

2010: Participated in Formula 2 Championship races.

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