The great formula to become a great captain and coaches

The great formula to become a great captain and coaches

Formula to become a great captain: There was a time that on the overseas tour of Team India, the host teams used to give us bad condition by making fast wickets. Now she thinks a hundred times before doing this

With the defeat of the West Indies in the Test series, Virat Kohli and Mahendra Singh Dhoni have become the most successful Test captains of India. The win marked his 28th win in 48 Tests played under his captaincy. Prior to this series, Mahendra Singh Dhoni had a record of 27 wins in 60 Tests. Apparently, Virat has made this captaincy record in 12 Tests less than Dhoni. It is during this series that he has also become the Indian Test captain, having achieved the most success abroad by breaking the record of Sourav Ganguly. So far Sourav Ganguly’s record of 11 wins out of 28 was in the name of Virat, but now with 13 out of 27 Tests, this record has been recorded in the name of Virat.

Captain and coach – Formula to become a great captain

CK Naidu has been the beginning of the Indian Test captaincy journey. He captained the Test against England for the first time in 1932. But in the initial stages, the captains were replaced only after a series or two. In fact, the captain began to gain importance after Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was made captain in 1961-62 and the records of captaincy started only after that. Virat Kohli’s responsibility nowadays is to carry forward this sequence. He is currently achieving successes in Test cricket at an average of 58.33. If he can sustain this sequence for four-five years, then the most successful South African captain of Test cricket can also leave behind Graeme Smith. Virat is showing success with the bat as well as being successful as a captain. He has scored 25 centuries in Tests and 43 in ODIs. If you keep playing like this, then at some point next year, Sachin’s record of centuries can be broken.

Formula to become a great captain
The great formula to become a great captain and coaches

It is generally believed that the success of any captain and coach depends on the performance of the team. Many times the team becomes so strong that without doing anything special to the captain and coach, successes get registered in their names. It is true that the performance of the team depends on how its captain uses his fellow players. But many times the team becomes so strong that even if the captain makes some wrong decisions, success does not leave him. Now take the Australian coach John Buchanan. During his time, Australia, led by Ricky Ponting, was considered invincible. Under his coach, the team won 16 consecutive Tests, set a record of 23 consecutive wins in the World Cup, won the World Cup as well as the ICC Champions Trophy. But Buchanan’s critics never gave him credit for these successes and always said that the coach of the Ponting-led team should make anyone, Successes will continue to be found in this way. This can also be said about the current team India.

They are the most balanced team ever. The pace attack led by Jasprit Bumrah is so sharp that no team can afford to take it lightly. There was a time that on the overseas tour of Team India, the host teams used to give a bad wicket to our team. But now she thinks a hundred times before doing this because everyone knows that her team may have to take them for making fast wickets. This fear of team India’s pace attack is made by Jaspreet Bumrah joining. He usually bowls at a speed of 145 kmph and sometimes crosses the speed of 150 km. Not only this, he continues to add some new things to his bowling.

For example, on the West Indies tour, the balls coming from outside Bumrah’s off stump proved very dangerous. But a bowler gets more successes at the same time when there is tight bowling from the other end also. Ishant Sharma and Mohammed Shami have no answer in this matter. This is the true wicket-taking trio, due to which it has awe over the legendary teams.

Usually, cricketers who are involved in ODIs and T20 cricket are discussed more than cricketers playing test. The reason is that Test matches are played only 12–14 in a year, whereas short-form cricket shows up all year. But the current team is stronger in Test matches than India ODI. During the World Cup and earlier ODI series loss to Australia, we saw that we did not have the batsmen to handle the innings when the early wickets went out cheaply. Because of this, we could not advance our challenge in the World Cup from the semi-finals. But even after the initial setbacks in Test cricket, the team is confident of managing the innings with batsmen like Ajinkya Rahane and Hanuma Vihari.

Batter of confidence – Formula to become a great captain

Such confidence in batting was never in ODI cricket. A year before the World Cup, the search for the number four batsman started in the team, but such a batsman could not be found even in the World Cup, which the team had to suffer. There was a time of Sachin Tendulkar in Indian cricket. Whenever he came on the field, he used to make some record. Nowadays the same situation has happened to Virat Kohli. He has surpassed the rest of the batsmen on the basis of his captaincy and batting, that there is no danger of anyone else coming close to him. When this deficiency is overcome and how far Virat Kohli is able to take his successful career forward, remains to be seen.

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