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For many people they can go unnoticed, but web browsers are essential for access and circulation on the Internet, they are the vehicle by which we navigate through the infinite network. If we look at the definition given by Wikipedia , “a browser or, in English, a browser , is a software that allows access to the Internet, interpreting the information on websites so that they can be read.” And he continues: “The basic functionality is to allow you to visit web pages and do activities on them .”

5 Main Internet web browsers

Today we know that there is a great variety of browsers. The use of one or the other is very subjective, it depends on each person and the comfort they have with each of them, because the differences between the most popular are quite small if we see it from the perspective of an ordinary user, not that of a computer professional. In this article, then, we will talk about some of the most popular browsers and we will try to find some of the differences between one and the other, so that later each one can choose the one that best suits their needs.

Google Chrome

It is one of the best known and most used , basically because it is the one that ensures a higher speed. It hit the stage in early 2008. Since then it has managed to go from a 0% market share to the current 25% last month. It launches quickly from the desktop, loads pages instantly, and runs complex web applications at high speed. Its great advantage over its competition is also its main drawback: Google .

Internet web browsers
chrome-Internet web browsers

Google assures you permanent financing and always being up-to-date in terms of improvements and news; However, it is also one of the most influential and profitable multinational companies in the world, and as such its ultimate goal is profit making, and not everyone is comfortable leaving their data, both personal and non-personal, with them.

Apart from this, the Chrome browser window is intuitive and simple. It is designed to offer greater security on the web, by updating automatically so that we always have the latest improvements in this field. If it is your preferred browser for the PC, Google Chrome will also be the favorite to do it through the tablet, by presenting equally powerful versions on both Android and iOS.

Mozilla Firefox

For many people, it is the browser that gives them the most confidence, probably because, apart from being one of the oldest (it came out in 2003), it is solid, stable and has very few errors . Firefox, the second most used browser on the Internet, is characterized by being an independent program, and for many it is their favorite because it is not for profit. It has been developed over the years by dozens of programmers who improve it with each update.

Internet web browsers

In addition, it is a highly customizable browser , as it has a wide range of themes and add-ons. But the best of all are the extensions, little free additions made by hundreds of developers around the world that fulfill all imaginable tasks and functions.


It is the alternative web browser par excellence. It is also one of the oldest and, for many years, it has been one of the most used in mobile phones, until the popularization of smartphones . It is developed by a Norwegian company and, like Firefox, is not for profit.

Internet web browsers
opera-Internet web browsers

Its latest version, Opera 15 , uses the same engine as Google Chrome, so the same extensions available for the Google browser can be used in it. In addition, it incorporates a very interesting novelty, what they call the ” Shelf “, a reinvention of bookmarks or favorites that allows you to save pages of interest to read them later.

Opera is also highly customizable, It contains a wide variety of themes and its speed has nothing to envy to the most popular Chrome or Firefox.


Safari is still a web browser associated with Apple Macs , despite the fact that in 2008 it also jumped to the Microsoft platform, with its Windows systems. Although it is the fourth most used browser on the Internet, maintaining a market share that is between 5 and 8%, its growth is very slow, especially due to the fact that its version for PCs is not remarkable. in practically no respect. In addition, they have not updated it for more than a year, with the security breaches that this can cause.

Internet web browsers

The Apple version of Safari is something else; it offers good performance and is preferred by its users, as it benefits from the fact that its operating system is developed internally by the same company.

In addition, Safari has some interesting options; One of the most relevant is its ” Reader ” mode , through which part of the screen is blurred and the central text becomes highlighted in black on white, which is ideal for reading online publications .

Safari is not the fastest browser of all those that exist, but it is stable and efficient , with a very simple aspect intended for a type of user with basic computer skills. Of course, in terms of offer of functionalities and extensions, it is surpassed by its competition.

Internet explorer

Explorer maintains its large market share ( around 60-65% ) thanks to the fact that it was the first to come out and also that it comes by default on all Microsoft PCs, but it is not currently at the level of the other large ones, basically due to the large number of bugs that drag.

Internet web browsers

The various developers of Internet Explorer have failed to keep up with the competition; however, it seems that Microsoft is currently putting the batteries back to consider Explorer a priority in its strategy of action.

Today, Internet Explorer is not characterized by its special speed and it is the browser that presents the most security problems of all the candidates. The unnecessary restrictions that Windows puts on its updates in older operating systems are not an incentive to opt for this option either.

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