There are no corona deaths in Russia-people who die of pneumonia

There are no corona deaths in Russia-people who die of pneumonia

Russia does not count There are no corona deaths, but people who die of pneumonia. Officially there are hardly any infected people. In the countryside, the population thinks they are safe.

She was 79 years old, a lecturer and the first corona death in Russia . The woman died in the Moscow Infection Hospital No. 2 on Thursday. But while Italy and Germany list all the dead who tested positive for Corona in their statistics, the Russians seem to be taking a different route. The deceased had diabetes; Heart problems, high blood pressure and calcified arteries, announced the operational staff of the city of Moscow. Official cause of death: severe pneumonia. Statistics on corona deaths: stays clean. There are no corona deaths in Russia. Point. And only one thing can be heard from President Vladimir Putin: the situation is under control.

On the same day that the lecturer died of pneumonia, a young woman in Moscow loudly spoke up with a video on YouTube: Anastasija Wassiljewa. It was not her first video appeal to medical professionals. Vasilyeva is the chairman of the “Alliance of Doctors” union, which was founded in 2018 and is closely linked to the opposition politician Alexei Navalny.

This time she called on Russian doctors to stop talking about the state of the corona epidemic in Russia. “An outbreak of the new corona virus is raging all over the world. But in Russia there is an outbreak of pneumonia. And as always, the lies of those in power and the intimidation of medical personnel are raging.” There is a lack of protective equipment, breathing masks and education – even if Corona is the cause, one would only speak of pneumonia, says Vasilyeva. The doctors do not know whether they treated corona or pneumonia sufferers. This would spread the virus further. “Doctors, nurses, we ask you: please break your silence!” Vasilyeva pleaded. The Moscow Health Department responded immediately:

There is a lot of excitement about Corona these days and the Russian state is taking decisive action against false reports – or those that it believes to be. There are actually a lot of unoccupied numbers and theories circulating (and the wildest were initially broadcast by Russian state broadcasters themselves). But does the state tell the truth?

Rapid increase in pneumonia – There are no corona

Doctors in Moscow anonymously report a rapid increase in pneumonia in their hospitals – they don’t know whether Corona is the cause. The impressions cannot be checked: the statistics for pneumonia for February and March are not yet available. But even if they were there, caution would be advisable. 

There are no corona
There are no corona deaths in Russia-people who die of pneumonia

The Russian statistics office recently published the figures for January: In Moscow there were 37 percent more sick people than in the previous year (which may well be). The Moscow Health Department, on the other hand, claims that in January and February the number of sick people actually fell. So who believe?

Compared to other countries, the infection rate in Russia is remarkably low – still. On Wednesday there were officially 147 Corona cases tested positive, most of them in Moscow. 199 cases were recorded on Thursday and 367 on Sunday afternoon.

The numbers are still low compared to Germany, Italy, France, Spain – but there are doubts. Russia tests a lot less than Germany, but a lot more than Ukraine, where the official infection rates are so low only because there is simply no testing. In Russia, around 156,000 people have been tested for the virus using a specially developed corona test. So far, the tests have gone to the Vector laboratory near Novosibirsk, and it took three days for a result.

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