Top Franchise Business Ideas – (10 Low Investment Opportunities)

Top Franchise Business Ideas – (10 Low Investment Opportunities)

Top Franchise Business Ideas: Business is one such thing by which you not only make yourself better, but you also give opportunity to many other people to stand on their feet.

Top Franchise Business Ideas
Top Franchise Business Ideas

So if you also want to know how business and made How To Succeed In Business. 

So today I am going to give you 10 Low Budget Franchise Business Ideas, in which you can invest and earn millions.

What is Franchise Business

Starting a company branch in its city using the brand name of a company is called a franchisee.

For this, you have to enter into a contract with that company and also have to pay some of its charges.

After which you can open a franchise in the name of that company and do your business using the brand of that company, the way of doing business, the price and technology set by it.

Best Franchise Business Ideas In India

Investment on franchise depends on which area you want to invest in and what is your budget.

Let’s know about some 10 Sectors where you can earn good money by taking franchise even in low budget –

#1 Health & Fitness

You can open a franchise of Pharmacy, Clinic or Gym in the name of a good medical company in your city. For this it is necessary that the place where the business is to be done should be in which market or clean environment.

There are some examples of this sector, in which you can start trading by investing –

IdeasInvestmentSpace (sq ft)
Pharmacy10-20 lakh300-400
Diagnostic Centre3-5 lakh250-400
Saloon-Spa35-40 lakh600-800
Gym35-50 lakh1500-2500

#2 Food Center

A franchise of coffee shop or restaurant can be taken in it. You can open them in any school, college or office area so that opportunities for growth in business can increase.

You can use these ideas in food business –

IdeasInvestmentSpace (sq ft)
Coffee Shop5-10 lakh200-700
Ice Cream Parlour10-15 lakh250-400
Take-aways5-10 lakh100-300
Restaurants10-20 lakh200-500

#3 Garment & Footwear

The textile business in India is growing rapidly. So if you also take franchise of a famous brand and put it in an area or market where competition is low, then you can earn a lot of money from it.

IdeasInvestmentSpace (sq ft)
Ready-manGarment40-50 lakh1500-2000
Ethnic Wear10-15 lakh400-1000
Footwear30-40 lakh800-1200

#4 Education

In the field of education, business is progressing day by day. In this, you can take franchises in many sectors like schools, coaching centers, training centers..

The most important thing that comes in this is that the quality of education should be better, because without it there is no meaning.

1. Coaching Centre

You can take franchisees from school students to companies working in Engineering, Medical or Management –

  • Investment: 2-5 lakh
  • Space: 1,000-4,000 sq ft

2. Skill Development Centre

In this, you can take franchisees training in Computer Training, Handicraft, Repairing or English Speaking –

  • Investment: 50,000-5 lakh
  • Space: 4000-600 sq ft

3. Vehicle Training Centre

From the young to the elderly, today everyone wants to drive a car or bike, so teaching people how to drive can also become your source of income –

  • Investment: 20-45 lakh
  • Space: 3000-6,000 sq ft

#5 Retail Business

There are a lot of brands in the market who sell their goods to the people by making Networking or Chain System.

Today the retail sector is meeting all the needs from food to drink and to everyday needs.

In this you can open many franchises like Brand Outlet, Grocery Store or Supermarket.


In this sector, you can take franchise of a company selling goods for domestic needs –

  • Investment: 10-20 lakhs
  • Space: 200-400 sq ft

2. Supermarket

Easy Day and D Mart have proved that in today’s online world, millions can be earned from supermarket franchisees –

  • Investment: 40 lakh – 1 Crore
  • Space: 1500-10000 sq ft

3. Consumer Electronics and Appliances

In this, a franchisee of a company that makes electric goods for the home can be taken, along with this you will be able to earn money by offering good service of electronic products –

  • Investment – 20-30 lakhs
  • Space: 1500-2000 sq ft

#6 Garage & Service Center – Top Franchise Business Ideas

The Service Center or Garage should be in an open and large space and it would be better to reach it easily.

You can take car, bike or commercial vehicle service or parts, engine oil, tire company franchise.

1. Car Wash

Car wash garages can open even at small places and low investment, this franchise is very successful especially in metro cities –

  • Investment: 15-25 lakh
  • Space: 1500-2500 sq ft

2. Service Center

Franchises of vehicle companies can be taken, where you can open their Authorized Service Center –

  • Investment: 5-15 lakh
  • Space: 1500-3500 sq ft

3. Spare Parts Outlet

  • Investment: 15-20 lakh
  • Space: 500-700 sq ft

#7 Hotel & Tourism – Top Franchise Business Ideas

For the hotel, the franchisee should be close to a tourist spot or there should also be means of transport.

Because this entire business is based on franchise service, therefore your services should be better.

1. Travel Agency

There is a lot of scope of business in transport, franchisees of companies providing Holiday or Tour Package can be taken –

  • Investment: 20-50 lakhs
  • Space: 400-700 sq ft

2. Hotel and Resort

Hotels or resort companies also offer franchises, business opportunities have increased considerably due to the introduction of online companies in this field –

  • Investment: 50 lakh-2 crore
  • Space: 2500-5000 sq ft

3. Taxi and Rental

You can start Rental Taxi Service, many Online Cabs Companies offer franchisees to run taxis in the market –

  • Investment: 15-30 lakh
  • Space: 500-1000 sq ft

#8 Automobiles – Top Franchise Business Ideas

A large space is needed to open a franchise in this area. You can take a showroom or dealership of a car, bike or commercial vehicle, it is necessary that the franchisee is in the residential area.

1. Bike Showroom

Almost all bike companies in the market offer franchisees –

  • Investment: 30-60 lakh
  • Space: 800-1000 sq ft

2. Car Showroom

For franchisees of domestic or foreign car companies –

  • Investment: 30-90 lakh
  • Space: 1200-2000 sq ft

3. Commercial Vehicle

Business can also be done by taking franchisees of commercial vehicles like Truck, Tractor, Pick-Up Van –

  • Investment: 30-50 lakhs
  • Space: 1200-2000 sq ft

#9 IT Services – Top Franchise Business Ideas

To take franchise of Software, Advertisement Agency or Investment companies, it is necessary that you have a place in the market or urban area –

1. Advertisement and Media

You can also earn income by advertising your client’s products or services –

  • Investment: 5-15 lakh
  • Space: 500-1500 sq ft

2. Logistics

It is also beneficial to take a franchisee of Courier or Delivery service. Business can be carried forward with better network and time management –

  • Investment: 10-30 lakh
  • Space: 500-700 sq ft

3. IT Services

  • Investment: 5-25 lakh
  • Space: 500-1500 sq ft

4. Consultancy

By providing Manpower to a company, you can earn Profit from them –

  • Investment: 5-15 lakh
  • Space: 500-1500 sq ft

5. Financial

You can do business of franchise of company investing in Stock or Commodity Market –

  • Investment: 5-10 lakh
  • Space: 500-1000 sq ft

#10 Dealer & Distributors – Top Franchise Business Ideas

You can take dealership of a good company, for this you will have to sell the product of that company.

Taking a franchisee in this sector is very beneficial as well as you can start its work at your home or somewhere from Godown.

1. Office Supplies

Franchising of stationary items used in office is a good option –

  • Investment: 4-8 lakh
  • Space: 500-700 sq ft

2. Home Supplies

Franchising of home supplies like gas, water or grocery items is also a good business –

  • Investment: 5-8 lakh
  • Space: 500-1000 sq ft

3. Medical and Hospital Supplies

In this, you can open a franchisee of a company that provides medicines or surgical equipment –

  • Investment: 5-10 lakh
  • Space: 500-1000 sq ft

4. Building & Construction

In this you can open franchise of Cement, Steel Road, Tiles or Marble –

  • Investment: 5-15 lakh
  • Space: 700-1200 sq ft

Note – I have some better connected than 10 sectors of the Indian Franchise Ideas  is given | So if you have any questions related to franchise or business, then ask us in the Comment Box.

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