Trip to Singapore: Recommended for your first trip! 10 sightseeing spots

Trip to Singapore: Singapore with many tourist spots! Where should I go sightseeing in Singapore for the first time? If you want to answer such a question, Singapore for the first time will definitely go here! Introducing the tourist attractions in the ranking format.

★ 1st place ★ Merlion Park

It was an old story that was said to be “the world’s three biggest disappointing spots”! Since moving to the current location based on Feng Shui in 2002, it has completely changed, making it a popular spot for tourists all year round. The appearance of Merlion expelling water from the mouth is amazing.

Trip to Singapore
Trip to Singapore

If you visit, the morning with few tourists is recommended, but the night view is also beautiful. However, please note that the water will stop after 23:00.

A mini merlion in the back is also recommended. This small and cute appearance is very popular with girls! Sometimes I can wait in the order of “I want to take a picture together!”

★ 2nd place ★ Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is a complex entertainment facility where shopping centers, casinos, museums and theaters gather. A hot spot in Singapore that can be enjoyed day and night!

Trip to Singapore
Trip to Singapore

One of the highlights is the “Marina Bay Sands Hotel”, which is a new icon of Singapore and has a boat-shaped rooftop garden on top of three hotel towers. Even if you are not staying, just by looking at it, you will unconsciously leak your voice.

Marina Bay Sands Skypark

The boat-shaped rooftop garden is open for adults at $ 23. You can see the scenery of Singapore that can be seen almost 360 degrees from a place 200m above the ground! Unfortunately, the infinity pool is only open to guests.

Shops at Marina Bay Sands

One floor is 400m in length, B2, B1, L1, 3 floors, a huge shopping mall with over 300 shops and restaurants. A canal flows through the mall, there are sun pan rides and skating rinks that allow you to go around the canal with a boat, shops and TWG cafes where you can buy Singapore’s classic TWG tea, and food courts, shopping and gourmet entertainment You can also enjoy.

★ 3rd place ★ Little India

“India” is exciting just to walk around the city. Exotic atmosphere such as colorful buildings and women wearing beautiful saris! There are various places to visit such as authentic Indian restaurants, Hindu temples and Indian markets.


Popular with tourists, Banana Leaf Apollo is a popular South Indian restaurant. Especially recommended is Singapore’s specialty “Fishhead Curry”. The impact of appearance is great! And if you buy rose souvenirs at “ Sri Srinivasa Permar Temple ” , a beautifully sculpted Hindu temple, there is also “ Mustafa Center ” in Little India.

★ 4th ★ Marina Bay Area Night Show

The Marina Bay area has two night shows every night. One is OCBC Garden Rhapsody, which is held twice at 19:45 and 20:45 at Gardens by the Bay.


The other is Spectra, which is held every night at 20:00 and 21:00 (Friday and Saturday at 22:00) in front of Marina Bay Sands. Depending on the time, you can play ladders, so it is recommended that you enjoy two night shows in a luxurious way!

★ 5th ★ Arab Street

If you want to taste the exotic atmosphere in Singapore, you’ll find Little India and here, Arab Street. You can experience the Islamic world that spreads around the symbolic “ Sultan Mosque ” in Singapore! There are many perfume stores popular with tourists, Islamic restaurants, and unexpectedly stylish cafes and clothes shops.


The Turkish restaurant “ Dalwish ” has a beautiful interior decoration on the second floor. However, there is no liquor, so be careful if you want to drink. And since the perfume shop “ Jamar Kazura Aromatics ”, which is often published in the guidebook, can make original perfumes, it ’s fun to make a commemorative trip. “ Maison Ikkok ” is a stylish cafe bar right next to the Sultan Mosque.

★ 6th place ★ Gardens by the Bay

A new Singaporean landmark opened in the Marina Bay area in 2012. The highlight is the “Super Tree Globe Group”, where huge trees 25 to 50m high gather. It’s nice to see from a distance, but it’s quite powerful when you look up close. I am glad that you can enjoy some of the facilities for free.


There are several facilities in Gardens by the Bay, but we recommend “ Cloud Forest ”, which features a spectacular waterfall that flows down from a 35-meter-high man-made mountain . I feel chilly at the moment when I go! In addition, from the OCBC Skyway bridge over the Super Tree Grove, you can look out over the park, but it ’s more thrilling than you think. Please try it.

★ 7th place ★ Night Safari trip to Singapore

The night safari, which opens at 19:30 at night, is a zoo where about 120 animals are kept on a vast site of about 40 hectares, and you can see the living bodies of nocturnal animals. Turn around by tram or walk around! The number of trams with Japanese is limited, so if you buy an admission ticket, you want to make a reservation at the same time.


In addition to watching animals, there are also shows and restaurants, so you can plan your show time and dinner time and enjoy the night safari!

★ 8th place ★ Sentosa Island trip to Singapore

One day is not enough to enjoy Sentosa Island! The world’s largest oceanarium “Sea Aquarium”, “Universal Studios Singapore”, the largest Merlion statue “Merlion Tower”, “Adventure Cove Water Park”, etc. A must-see spot in Singapore, packed with parks, activities, night shows and beach resorts.


One of Sentosa’s attractions, ” Skyline Luge Sentosa ” , popular with both children and adults , slides down a course about 600 meters from the top of a small hill with a small sled like a go-kart that can be operated by children. This is an attraction that combines the “Luge” that comes with the “Sky Ride” that goes from the end of the luge to the starting point on the hill with a vehicle like a ski lift.

★ 9th place ★ Clarke Quay ★ trip to Singapore

If you visit Clarke Quay, it’s definitely a night! Clarke Quay, where many restaurants, bars and clubs gather around the Singapore River, has a sparkling and colorfully illuminated shop and the atmosphere of the city! Moreover, the waterside is great because the night breeze is pleasant. Even if you can’t drink, you can get excited just by taking a walk.


If you visit the famous Chilean club “ Jumbo Seafood Riverside Point ”, the terrace seat where you can enjoy the night view is recommended. Not only restaurants, but also a shopping mall “ Central ” based on the concept of Harajuku and river cruises .

★ 10th place ★ River Safari ★ trip to Singapore

Opened in 2013, this park has the world’s largest freshwater creatures. Giant panda Kaikai and Jaajaa are very popular, not to mention rare freshwater creatures! Watch out for the “Amazon River Quest,” which is a boat trip through the river and you ’ll have to make a reservation at the ticket counter.

trip to Singapore: River Safari

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