UPSC: How will the administration run with weak English, got this answer

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) interview is considered very complicated. In UPSC, candidates are often asked questions that are not easy to answer. By which their mental and analytical ability, decision making ability is assessed. In such a situation, one who works with courage and his intellect is able to succeed.


We are telling you about the questions asked in one such interview and the answer given by the candidate.

On what basis are questions asked in UPSC

A form is filled in before the interview of the candidates who qualify in the UPSC Civil Services Main Examination. This is called the detailed application form (DAF – Detailed Application Form). In this, the candidate has to tell many things about himself. The same form is also held by the interviewing panel later, which forms the basis of the questions asked by that candidate. However, questions are also asked.

This is the year of 2005. When Manoj Kumar Sharma, currently an IPS from Maharashtra cadre, was questioned by interviewers on his weak English. In an interview given to a media company, Manoj Kumar of Madhya Pradesh said that he failed in 12th due to weak English. But for the fourth time UPSC passed the Civil Services Examination. In the interview, he was asked – ‘If you do not know English, how will you run the administration’?

Manoj Kumar told that after asking this question, an interviewer asked me to drink water. To this I replied – this water is in a glass of glass. I will not drink it. I drink water only in steel glasses. The interview board was angry at my answer.

Manoj Kumar says that on hearing his answer on water, the chairman of the interview board said – what the fuck are you doing. I then said that – Sir, I am answering your question. Water is important, not glass. The work is necessary and the skill to do it, not the language.

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