what is my ip?

What is my Ip ?/Check your IP address of your computer

How to find your IP address

You can also check the network environment including the IP address from the network management screen. If you are not familiar with CUI (operation by entering commands), this may be easier to understand.

Network management screen display procedure

The procedure for displaying the network management screen varies depending on the version.

Windows Vista     Click
  Start> Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network Center> 
Connections> View Status> Advanced
Windows 7
  Start> Control Panel>
    Click Network and Sharing Center> View Network Connections> View  this connection> Advanced
Windows 8
  Start> Control Panel> Network and Internet> Network Connections “> 
    click on the order of” state “>” Advanced “

what is my ip?
What is my Ip?

Check IP address information

“Network and Sharing Center” and “Network and Internet” allow you to see at a glance what network your computer is connected to.

Although the display differs slightly depending on whether it is a wired connection or a wireless connection, clicking the connection method (local area network connection, wireless connection, etc.) displayed to the right of “Connection:” allows you to check the connection status of the network Will open.

Click “Details” here to check the address assigned to the computer.

By using an application called “Command Prompt”, you can check the same information just by entering a few characters.

Ipconfig” command to display IP address information

Start the command prompt immediately. “Command Prompt” is an application of CUI (operating by inputting a command called “command” from the keyboard). To display IP address information, enter the command “ipconfig”. Enter “ipconfig” in single-byte characters (without the brackets) and press the Enter key.

The IP address information assigned to the computer will be displayed. The IP address information assigned to the computer is displayed here.

Within the local network, computers are assigned private addresses (local IP addresses), and when connecting to the Internet, private addresses are converted to global addresses. The global IP address is used on the Internet, but if it is a private address that is assigned to each computer, the private Internet protocol address that can be checked on the network setting screen of each computer is the global Internet protocol address. The address information cannot be confirmed.
The easiest way to check global Internet protocol address information is to use a web service that checks the IP address.

  • Check your Internet protocol address on the Internet connection information screen from the control panel.
  • By checking the details of the network connection status, you can grasp the Internet protocol address information.

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