Who is visiting Instagram? How to know who visits my Instagram Profile?

Who is visiting Instagram? Instagram is a social network based on sharing photos and images, the application, owned by Facebook, has had a great impact among young people and not so young that compete to get the best photos and accumulate thousands of likes.

In the absence of being able to read people’s minds and know what they think of us, social networks offer us the possibility of exposing our life and that others give their opinion about it. A lot or a little, we have all been aware of how many likes or how many likes you have a photo or another, but we always want to go one step further, we are always curious, we have all wanted to know who visits our Instagram.

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We will not go around and tell you the truth, despite the infinity of pages, applications and programs that say otherwise, the truth is that you can not know who visits your Instagram , it is impossible.

We recommend distrusting all the pages and applications that promise you, it is false and most likely it is a malware prepared to infect your devices and expand among your contacts. So if curiosity bites you a lot you will have to be strong and resist temptation. Or not at all, because although you can not know who visits our profile and who sees each photo, later we will explain a trick to know who visits your Instagram.

Who is visiting Instagram?
Who is visiting Instagram? How to know who visits my Instagram Profile?


Before explaining how to know who visits your Instagram, we want to repeat that none of the applications, pages and programs that say they can do it. That information is owned by Facebook and, unless the company wants, and for now they are not for the work, you will not be able to know who visits your profile and who does not.

“Instadetector”, “Who cares with me” or “InstaAgent” are some of the applications that have emerged in recent years and, within a few hours, manage to be among the most downloaded from the App Store and Google Play because of the ingenuity of thousands of users who install them thinking that they will reveal all the secrets they want to know.

And it is not only that they never get to know the information they were looking for, it is that to which the program is installed, malware enters the smartphone or PC, usurping all the user’s personal information and publishing spam on their behalf. Although sooner or later these applications are removed from Google and Apple stores , thousands of affected users are already counted, and after a while and under another name another application appears that manages to fish among more unsuspecting.

3 – Who is visiting Instagram

How will you know, Instagram has released a new functionality, inspired by another of the great social networks of photography, Snapchat. The company owned by Facebook has expanded its options by giving its users the ability to make stories.

Through the “story” mode you can upload one or several photos or videos, writing or drawing on top of them and adding different effects. Once you have selected the photo or video and have done what you wanted with it, you can upload it and your followers will have it available for the next 24 hours .

As the name says, this functionality is usually used as a story, that is, different photos or videos are posted so that you can visually narrate the course of an activity or a party wherever you are.

And precisely thanks to history we can know who visits our Instagram , because if we go to the series of photos or videos that we have posted we can see the number of people who have visited it. Below you have the photograph where you can watch a video and below, indicated by the red arrow, the number of people who have viewed it.

4 – Who is visiting Instagram

But the application does not only give us a number, if we click on it we can display a tab in which the profiles of all those who have visualized the video come out, as we show you in the photograph. So, although we cannot obtain information on who sees our profile, we can know exactly who visits our Instagram, at least, those who reproduce our videos.

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