who visits Facebook profile? How to know who is visiting my FB?

Who visits Facebook profile? If you ask yourself “who visits my Facebook profile” , you would like to know that there are some tricks that allow us to discover it in a matter of minutes. Specifically, there is a simple, fast and efficient trick that shows you the people who access your profile page and, therefore, see you more frequently.

Are you interested in knowing? Well keep reading this article in which we tell you how to know who visits my Facebook profile with a very easy trick and also with the use of a special extension for it. So, open your personal Facbook profile and start finding out.You will need to:

  •  A computer with Internet access
  •  A Facebook account

Steps to follow:one

We begin by explaining the best trick to know who visits my Facebook profile frequently. It is a very simple process and does not need extra facilities. Since it is done directly from the home page of your Facebook account, in which you get the news and news about your friendships. If you wonder who visits my free Facebook profile , you just have to follow these simple steps, so start by opening the source code of the page as follows:

  1. Enter your personal Facebook profile.
  2. Open the source code of the page, press F12, CTRL + or right click and click on the option ” see the source code of the page ” or “Inspect”.
  3. A screen will appear on the right or another tab with a series of numbers and codes: this is the source code of the page.

Below, we show you all the steps and images to know who visits your Facebook profile for free through the source code of the page.

who visits Facebook profile
source Code : who visits Facebook profile? How to know who is visiting my FB?


When you are on this screen, you must press the CTRL and F keys at the same time, as this will open a small box or tab to search. In this box you must write the word ” friendslist “, without the quotes. New results will appear at the top of this screen.

who visits Facebook profile
Friend list : who visits Facebook profile? How to know who is visiting my FB?


The results that appear after the word “friendslist” are numerical codes in red. These are finished in “-2”, but to know who visits your personal Facebook profile you will only need the numbers before this final part. These numbers are the profile code of this social network that detects the people who enter your profile the most and with whom you have recently chatted on Facebook Messenger.


To find out who it is, you just have to copy the previous numbers to “-2” and paste them in your browser bar after the Facebook page domain. For example: www.facebook.com/1234567890 .

who visits Facebook profile
Profile account no: who visits Facebook profile? How to know who is visiting my FB?


In this way you will directly access the profile of this social network of who has visited or chatted with you lately. You can repeat the process to reveal all the codes and see all the people who enter your Facebook page.

Another excellent option that answers the question ” how to know who checks my Facebook profile ” is the Facebook Flat extension . For this process it is not necessary to enter the source code, because you will only have to install this tool that will allow you to see who enters your profile. Of course, you should know that it only works for Google Chrome, so you must install it in this browser and access your account through it.

Once Facebook Flat is installed, simply have to go to the left column and click on the Profile Visitors option , where you can see the list of people who have accessed your profile. Fast and easy!

Step – 6 of Who visits Facebook profile?

Keep in mind that Facebook makes continuous updates , therefore, it is possible that at some point you disable an application and can no longer be used. However, it is likely that other applications that fulfill the same function and that can also serve you continue to appear.

It is also very important that you keep in mind that there are many applications and extensions that are false , some may contain viruses and others just look for the user to buy. Therefore, do not trust any application and much less if you have to pay for it. So, if before knowing these tricks you had already downloaded or installed one, it is better that you uninstall it as soon as possible, since it will not help you.

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