Winter skin care routine: Get natural glow at home

Winter skin care routine: As the winter season approaches, the problem of dryness on the face becomes common, for which we do not miss even using every kind of cream. But even after using all these creams, we do not see the softness that we want on the face. Viscosity and dullness are seen on the inverted face. If you make some changes in your skin care routine, then all these problems can be dealt with.

Winter skin care routine
Winter skin care routineWinter skin care routine

You must have heard the name of the serum . The correct and regular use of the serum causes a glow in the face. If you want to avoid bringing expensive serums from the market. So here we are telling you how you can make serum at home?

How to prepare serum at home: Winter skin care routine

We are all well aware of the benefits of glycerin . Glycerin is very beneficial for bringing softness to your face. So let’s know how you can make serum at home with glycerin. First of all take 2 spoons of glycerin. Now add the same amount of rose water to it, plus add a few drops of lemon to it.

Apply it in your entire face and hands and feet before sleeping at night and keep in mind that before applying it, clean the entire face thoroughly. After this, apply it on the entire face and neck. With this, you can prepare another serum in this way. For this you will need aloe vera gel and vitamin E capsules.

To prepare vitamin-E serum , first of all take gels of aloe vera. Now add 2 to 3 capsules of Vitamin-E and mix it well. After this apply on the whole face. This is a natural serum that you can use regularly.

Before applying these serums, keep in mind that you have to apply them only during the night. If you use them in the afternoon, then dust and dirt will stick on your face and you will not see any benefit from it, so use these serums at night.

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