World Wildlife Day – 03rd Mar, 10 actions save endangered, Marine life

World Wildlife Day – 03rd Mar, 10 actions save endangered, Marine life

World Wildlife Day: On the occasion of World Wildlife Day, successful initiatives are also celebrated for the conservation and continuous management of these species and to increase support for future initiatives.

World Wildlife Day is celebrated every year on 03 March throughout the country. The main objective of designating as World Wildlife Day is to raise awareness about the world’s wildlife and flora.

On the occasion of World Wildlife Day, successful initiatives are also celebrated for the conservation and continuous management of these species and to increase support for future initiatives. Every year people are made aware to conserve the creatures, species and natural objects that are going extinct from nature through different themes.

Why is World Wildlife Day celebrated?

The main objective of celebrating World Wildlife Day is to protect the wildlife around the world and make people aware of the endangered species of flora. Along with all countries of the world, awareness of wildlife is spread in India on this day and the relationship between nature and human is shown.

History of World Wildlife Day

On 20 December 2013, the United Nations General Assembly declared World Wildlife Day on 3 March in the 68th session. The International Conference on the Endangered Wildlife and Vegetation Trade was approved on 3 March. The Wild Elephant Protection Act (Wild Elephant Preservation Act) was first passed in the year 1872 to prevent the extinction of wildlife.

World Wildlife Day – 03rd Mar, 10 actions save endangered, Marine life

When he touches these creatures nearby, his mind is tickling. Probably for the same reasons, when he sees violence against these animals. Those tender heart is filled with compassion and compassion. Perhaps keeping these things in mind, it has been decided to give preference to young voices in the theme of World Wildlife Day this time. That is why the theme of World Wildlife Day (WWD) being celebrated on March 3 has been set as ‘Listen to the young voices’.

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This has been done because about a quarter of the total population of the world is only 10-24 years old. Therefore, considering this section as the future leader and policy-maker, emphasis is being given on listening and adopting their ideas to save wildlife.

It is worth mentioning that the United Nations celebrates World Wildlife Day on March 3 every year as part of its initiative to raise awareness of threatened organisms and prevent them from being extinct.

According to The International Union for Conservation of Nature, 2,599 species of animals, subspecies are highly endangered. Similarly, the existence of 1975 plants, plants and other micro-organisms is in danger.

Theme of World Wildlife Day 2020

For the first time in the history of Wildlife Day, the year 2020 has focused on the species of aquatic organisms. This day is celebrated globally on 03 March. This year’s Wildlife Day is directly linked to the 14th Sustainable Development Goal, which is a life without water, which focuses on marine species. This topic sheds light on the problems, important issues of marine wildlife for our everyday life. The theme of the year 2020 is ‘Sustaining all life on Earth’.

Marine animals under extreme pressure

According to a report, marine animals are under extreme pressure in the present era. They have been greatly affected by climate change and pollution. Coastal species are on the verge of extinction and are being exploited heavily. One-third of the commercial fish stocks are exhausted because the fish are caught continuously. On the other hand many other species, ranging from large sea birds to turtles, are facing a crisis due to non-continuous use of ocean resources.

10 simple actions you can do to save endangered species (World Wildlife Day)

Learn about threatened species in your area. 

Teach your family and friends about the flora and fauna that is near you. The first step in protecting endangered species is to learn how important and interesting they are.

flora And fauna
10 simple actions you can do to save endangered species (World Wildlife Day)

The environment provides us with essential ecosystem services such as the reduction of air and water pollution, food and natural resources with economic value as well as aesthetic and recreational elements.

Make your home a safe space for wildlife.  

Safely store your trash in lids with a lid and lock. Feed your pets inside the home and do not allow them to spend the night outside this. So you will avoid attracting animals to the vicinity of your home. I reduced the consumption of domestic water and in your garden so that the flora and fauna dependent on it have a better chance of survival. If you have bird drinkers disinfect them regularly to reduce the chances of disease transmission. Use stickers on the windows of your office and home to alert the birds and prevent them from colliding.

Native plants provide food and shelter for wildlife. 

Attracting insects like bees and butterflies helps pollinate your plants. At the same time the proliferation of invasive species has impacted the population of the latter as they compete for habitat and food. Some may even be predators of native species, thus forcing their extinction.

Herbicides and pesticides can help your garden look good but they are actually pollutants harmful to wildlife.

Many herbicides and pesticides require a lot of time to degrade causing them to accumulate in soils and in the food chain. Predators such as coyotes and hawks can be affected by feeding on animals that have been in contact with pesticides. Some species such as amphibians are particularly vulnerable to chemical contaminants. When they are found in high concentrations in the environment.

Slow down while driving. (World Wildlife Day)

The fauna that lives in urbanized areas or with human development are exposed to different threats. One of the biggest obstacles is the presence of roads and highways. These divide and fragment habitats in addition to threatening the wildlife that tries to cross them. Therefore, when driving, try to pay attention and drive slowly.

Recycle and buy sustainable products. 

Purchase recycled paper and sustainable products derived from bamboo or certified raw material for the protection of forests and their species. Avoid purchasing wood products from tropical forests. Recycle your cell phone and electronic devices since the minerals they possess provide mines located in the gorillas’ habitat. The consumption of palm oil decreases because forests are inhabited by tiger populations for its production.

Never buy products derived from threatened or endangered species.

Visiting other countries and regions is always interesting and everyone wants to bring some souvenir. However, many times these are made with animals of endangered species. Avoid supporting the illegal wildlife market such as turtle, ivory and coral shells. Other objects are those made with tigers skins, polar bears, sea otters, crocodile skins, live animals such as monkeys, birds, snakes, turtles. Some plant species are also such as orchids. At the same time avoid medicinal products derived from rhinos, tigers and Asian bears.

World Wildlife Day
Protect wildlife and its habitat

Attacking and damaging wild animals is cruel and illegal..

Attacking, catching and keeping animals in captivity is illegal and can lead to extinction. Do not take part in these activities and report them to the relevant authorities in your area.

Protect wildlife and its habitat

One of the biggest threats to flora and fauna is the destruction of their habitat. Scientists argue that the best way to protect wild species is to take care of the space they inhabit, where they must find food, shelter and raise their young. Tree felling, gas industry, mining and urban development lead to habitat destruction. These areas must be protected and impacts minimized.
By protecting the habitat, entire communities of animals and plants can be protected at the same time. Parks, shelters and open spaces in your community should be taken care of. Natural spaces grant us at the same time a place to develop and enjoy, supports the preservation of these areas. When buying a house consider the impact it can have on the environment.

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