Writing bank cheque correctly, in safe and correct manner

Writing bank cheque correctly, in safe and correct manner

Writing bank cheque correctly: You all must have used the check at some time. To give large amount to someone, people prefer to pay by check instead of cash. But do you know that you also need to be careful while filling the check. This is because while filling the check, people often make small mistakes, which they have to bear later. Today we are going to tell you 5 such things which if you keep in mind while filling the check, then you will not be harmed.

1. Write the date on the check

Take special care of the date while filling the check. Let me tell you that from the date you write on the check, the check is valid for a period of three months. In this month, year and date fill all three things carefully.

2. Be careful while signing

The account holder should sign carefully while transacting in the bank. Let me tell you that if the bank officer has even a slight doubt in the signature, then he can stop the check. So keep in mind that while signing the check, your sign should be exactly the same as you had entered at the time of opening the account. The same signature is scanned in the bank’s records and kept for further use.

3. Provide Mobile Number

The account holder should try to write his account number and mobile number on the back of the check. This is so that if the bank officer finds any problem or confusion in your check, then he can call you and get information about it.

4. Draw two lines on the check

If you cut an account payee check in the name of a person or organization, then draw two lines on the top left side of the check. This is a proof that the amount written on the check has to be transferred to the account by not giving cash to the check carrier.

5. Handle slip

The form that you fill when depositing the check is in two parts. After depositing the check, keep your slip, because in case of lost check, it is the only document on which the details of your check are found.

Writing bank cheque correctly
Writing bank cheque correctly, in safe and correct manner

Date Issue (Writing bank cheque correctly)

Despite the increasing trend of digital payments in India, check is an important payment medium. People consider it safe. Especially when a large amount has to be paid, most payments are made by check instead of cash. But often people make a small mistake while filling the check, which spoils the check. You should keep some things in mind while filling the bank check so that there is no loss to you.

Date Example (Writing bank cheque correctly)

First of all, it is very important to be careful while writing the date on the check. We should be more careful to write in full format. That is, if we finally have to write a check for the year 2020, then write its full 2020. For example, do not write 31/01/20 and write 31/01/2020. If you write only 20 in place of 2020, someone can give you the old check. Writing 18 before 20 will make this check for 2018. Therefore, write the complete date.

Special Note: (Writing bank cheque correctly)

  1. Avoid changes in the amount to be deposited
  2. Attention when writing the amount in full
  3. Stay tuned on the date and check if it’s really correct
  4. Attention when signing

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